Recently I have been in the local news and newspaper online and offline and my tweets have gone viral.   I don’t mind because I am fighting for a cause that is important to me and my family.  I have no shame in exposing my face or my name to comments I have said.  My comments have not been hateful but I think diplomatic and they have been true.

What drives me crazy are those on social media who hide behind silly or obscene names with no picture but a cartoon who spew hateful messages to others who they do even know.  Of course these people do it in a way so they do not get booted off the social network.  The lack of a picture or name or location give some people false courage to be really mean because they hard to trace to be held accountable for their inappropriate behavior.  They troll the network offering their opinions on all sorts of subjects.  I usually do not entertain these people because then it can just get nasty.  Online comments on a newspaper articles are the worst.  It is usually the same people making the comments and again they hide behind an assumed name.  

It is like the protesters who go to different events. I realize that protesters sometimes hide their faces to protect themselves from being prosecuted unfairly when it is an inflamed cause. It is the ones that cover their faces so they can do damage and harm I have a problem with.  The problem is that you can’t tell the difference between the ones who want change for the better and the ones who are there to just cause trouble.

Why is it human nature to knock people when they are down?  These anonymous people give social media a black eye when really social media is a great force to cause positive change.

2 thoughts on “Anonymous

  1. I love this topic. As a long-time user of YouTube, I’ve learned that the comments on a video is sometimes more entertaining than the video content itself, although I’m not sure that’s a good thing.
    When Google acquired YouTube, I was forced to merge those accounts together and was given the option to either have all my past comments be publicly connected to my Google account for all to see, or to delete them all. There was the option to review all the comments before choosing, so I said to myself, “sure, may as well see what they are before I make them public”.
    Oh my god. I don’t consider myself to be an overly negative person, and certainly not an internet troll, but upon viewing all my past comments as a long script like that, I realized just how easy it is to criticize someone anonymously through the internet.
    I chose to delete them all, and vowed to not use a comment thread for the purposes of constructive criticism ever again, as it’s way too easy to come off as a jerk when you’re all comfy behind your internet connection.

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