COM0015 – Blog #1: Listening Tools & News Sources

For my first blog post in the online course, “Applied Social Media in Business,”  in Algonquin College’s  Social Media Certificate part-time online program the assigned topic centers around the question of what my two favourite social media trending listening and monitoring tools are, and where I find my sources of news and updates online of interest to me, as assigned by my Instructor Leanna Labelle.

My favourite social media trends listening and monitoring tools are Google Analytics and Klout.

I use Google Analytics software to monitor my portfolio website and my Facebook Artist Page for Cooper Photography & Design Services. The advantages of using Google Analytics to utilize social media trend listening and to monitor data online for business describe some of the many reasons I find this resource of good use:

The access to website and social media analytical data from Google Analytics is incredible. For example, you’re able to find out how your visitors locate your website, with what the type of device they’re using do so, or just to find out information in general about visitor segmentation, and many, more important details related to growth of a website or a social media page.

Google Analytics educates its users with the data required to fine tune the marketing of their website or social media page(s) based on the information it provides which enables a Google Analytics user to attract a specific audience and to enhance their online presence.

My second favourite tool is Klout to monitor and to listen to social media trends. One of Klout’s purposes is to show an influence score of a user based on their activities connected to their social media profile(s).

Klout’s social media monitoring information provides great insight into what works and what doesn’t work online in social media marketing campaigns. These are some of the advantages of using Klout for social media trend listening and as a monitoring tool:

  • Klout is completely free of charge, this is how you register online 
  • Klout is available in an app software version for Android and Apple as well as Klout’s regular website
  • Klout finds the influencers in your audience who advocate for your brand, who in effect enable you to further customize your online presence to share more relevant information within your online community

For example, Klout measures my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instragram, Google +, and YouTube, to calculate my Klout score to make me aware of the effect of my social media presence, and to enable others interested in following my digital path to view my social media standings. I would recommend Klout to users interested in learning more about their social media influence, to fully see the effect their social media marketing has on their business.

My choice of sources for news and updates that are of interest to me are Alltop and Hongkiat.

Alltop features all the top headlines from popular topics around the web. It classes itself as the “online magazine rack” of the web.

Hong Kiat is a design weblog for designers, bloggers, and tech users that covers; useful tools, tutorials, tips, and inspirational artworks. All I can say in regard to Hongkiat’s posts are that I’ve never been disappointed! I subscribe via email so I never miss a post.

Images of Cooper

What have social media trending listening and monitoring tools taught me?

As a Photo Contributor for iStock by Getty Images and also a Stock Photographer for Adobe iStock, I recently learned through the analytical reports within each stock photography company’s analytics software that the photo sales from my nature and wildlife photography aren’t as high as the profits from the sales of my architectural photography.

For years, I’d assumed that uploading images of my nature treks in and around the National Capital Region of Canada was best because these images seem to gain the most attention from my social media audience but the numbers from the analytical reports don’t lie. I was wrong to assume that just because nature and wildlife photography is popular with my social media audience that it would hold the same truth to my iStock and Adobe Stock subscribers.


Photography by Karen Cooper
All Rights Reserved.

What I learned from the results of analytical reports is it’s time for me to change my focus to photograph more architectural elements rather than nature and wildlife to increase photography sales online. At the end of the day, the moral of my story is that information is powerful and to never underestimate the strength of analytical software.

Office Building

Photography by Karen Cooper
All right reserved.

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