ALG-COM0014-842-S15: JUL – Digital Communication – What I Did On My Staycation By Karen Cooper

What I Did On My Staycation By Karen Cooper
Instructor: Nelly Leonidis

Relax. Rejuvenate. Refresh.

For my first blog post in Digital Communication (ALG-COM0014) my Instructor Nelly Leonidis assigned a 300 to 500 word blog post on, “What I Did on My Vacation,” to share where I went, what I did, and any interesting experiences I may have had along the way on my last vacation. I chose to share where I went, what I did on, and some of the interesting experiences from my last ‘staycation.’

A staycation as defined by Google is, “a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.” The ‘staycation’ is a good solution for people on a tight budget because it allows you the freedom to enjoy your time without the concern of out of town travel costs.

Where does one begin researching things to do for a summer staycation in Ottawa?

An Internet search provided many ideas for what to do on my staycation which led to my enjoyment of the following activities:

  • My favourite summer festivals were listed on the Ottawa Festivals website calendar
  • Facebook advertised an event to see a free Craig Cardiff show at Westfest
  • Through Frugal Fun Ottawa, I learned that every Thursday evening, a large majority of the museums in the National Capital Region offer free admission to the public (minus the special exhibits) from 5pm to 8pm which enabled a visit to the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of Nature
  • Britannia Beach, located in the west end of Ottawa, offered a good walk out onto its piers where a friend and I found the perfect place to blow bubbles that drifted beautifully across the beach on a windy day. $3 for a bubble blowing sword kit from Dollarama provided over an hour of entertainment as we watched bubbles hover around the sky and then crash down to the sandy beach
  • Not far off from Britannia Beach is a bird sanctuary in the Britannia Conservation Area that surrounds Mud Lake. As a nature and wildlife Photographer, I visited Mud Lake as often as possible to enjoy a good trek on its nature trail and to take photos
  • A tour around the Rideau Hall grounds (open from 8:00 a.m. to one hour before sunset) offered a great location for a picnic lunch
  • And lastly, a visit to Maplelawn Garden located just off of Richmond Road in the heart of Westboro to take macrophotography shots of the flowers couldn’t be resisted now that all the flowers are in bloom…

Karen Cooper

In conclusion, if asked, would I repeat my summer staycation next year? The answer would be yes! Ottawa provides such beauty with its natural surroundings, events, and culture that it would be impossible for me not to want to enjoy another staycation in the National Capital Region of Canada again.

Have a great day,

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