COM0014 – Blog #1 – What I Did on My Summer Vacation – Toronto and Washington and New York! Oh my!

What places are on your bucket list?  I always wanted to go to Washington, DC.  I wanted to see the White House, the monuments and the museums.  I studied US History in University and became fascinated with seeing their capital city.

When it came time to plan our summer vacation Washington was on the top of my list.  We were lucky to have two weeks and we planned a full trip!  We decided to go to Toronto to visit family, Washington to cross it off my list, and New York City to see a show.  I felt like a kid counting the sleeps to summer break!

We travelled to Toronto by Via Rail which was great.  I love taking the train, no one needs to stress about traffic or driving.  You get to start your vacation right away.  I used the time and the WiFi to get caught up on some of my favorite shows and to play on Pinterest.  Before I knew it we were arriving at Union Station.  We stayed at the Holiday Inn on Carlton Street.  (You can read my review here).  Toronto was great because we used to live in the city and still have family to visit when we are in town.

My Toronto RecommendationCineplex Dundas Square VIP – AWESOME experience!  It is a plush, adult only movie theatre in downtown Toronto.  You get to enjoy comfy seating and have staff come and take your order at your seat!  They have some of the beat appetizers I have ever had!

When it was time to leave Toronto we boarded our Megabus headed to Washington.  It was a FOURTEEN hour drive and I have NEVER been so happy to get off a bus!  The bus itself was fine, but it was a long time to sit and wait to arrive.  On the bright side, we stayed at a fantastic hotel, the Mariott at Metro Center.  (You can read my review here).  Washington lived up to my expectations and was amazing!  I loved to see all the monuments and the tourist in me loved standing outside the White House.


My Washington RecommmendationUnited States Holocaust Memorial Museum – If you get the opportunity to visit Washington, I highly suggest this be one of your stops.  I cried visiting this museum.  They have done a amazing job making this heart breaking and horrifying time in our history so real that it moves you to tears.  They also make you question what would you do and how will you help?


I loved Washington and it was great to be able to cross it off my bucket list, however, I was very excited to head to New York City as it is one of my favourite places.  We boarded our Megabus for the Big Apple and thankfully it did not take fourteen hours to get there!  In New York City we stayed at a great value hotel (which can be hard to find in the city), Riverside Tower.  (You can read my review here).  It was great to end our vacation in NYC because we have been there before and were able to enjoy a more relaxed version of the city.  We were not rushing to see everything, we were able to take our time and hit our favourite spots.

IMG_5540 1IMG_5593IMG_5592IMG_5589


My New York City RecommendationAn Act of God – The play was hilarious and the highlight had to be getting our Playbill autographed by Jim Parsons! IMG_5558

Two weeks sounds like a long time but before we knew it we were boarding the Greyhound back to Ottawa!  We had an awesome trip!  I hope you can use some of our recommendations and reviews in planning your next vacation!

Where was your last vacation or where would you love to go?  I would love to learn from your recommendations and reviews!

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