COM0014: Blog 5, Personal Brand by Iliana Auverana

Post 5 – Personal Brand


In our 10 years in the communications and translation business, we have evolved into an integrated organization that offers all the services needed by our clients in their dealings in both official languages.


We spent some time doing market research to compare our services with the competition. We came to the conclusion that we offer all the services provided by other companies and even more: translation by qualified language professionals, top-quality texts, services 24/7, secure facilities to protect secret documents, editing, translation memory, terminology databank and automatic translation. In addition, we offer services that set us apart and make our company the best in the market: we offer access to our terminology datacombank on mobile devices, we publish linguistic recommendations and many other tools to help translators and communicators to improve their writing skills. Our automatic translation tool is at the cutting edge of innovation. It contains an enormous amount of texts in different fields translated by the specialized language professionals.


Furthermore, we have made our business to survey clients to constantly improve our services. We often get testimonials about the quality of our translations. Here are some examples of thank you emails: “great job done in such short notice”, “we are very happy for the work done over the weekend by an excellent team of professionals”, “we are extremely satisfied by the quality of the texts in such a complex field, impeccable work!”  We also continue to develop innovative tools to improve efficiency and offer the best possible prices and quality to our clients.


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