WTF – How do I stand out?

I’m desperate. I’m in a group of students writing blogs who have so much talent.  I’m recuperating from days in bed with strep throat and I long for a comment on any of my posts. But WTF – how do I stand out?

In the three main medium I use – Web, Twitter, and Facebook (WTF) – how do I stand out? There’s a gazillion of us out there honking and blowing, tweeting and posting for attention.  How do we get noticed? Even in a course that corralled us all together our topics are so varied. I’m not always interested in everyone’s topics, how can any of us be?  But I do get pulled in by headlines. Except for Yahoo’s tacky headlines – another blog altogether.

So I too fall back on the  back on the catchy headline.  I think it comes from my journalism background. Sure it’s a little cheesy, but hopefully it worked.

According to DigitalBuzzBlog, in a 24 hour span there are:

  • 2 million blog posts are written
  • 4.7 billion minutes are spent on Facebook
  • 864,000 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube
  • More iPhones are sold than babies born!

That last one re the iPhones vs births is too funny. I have two kids and I can tell you it’s easier, quicker, and cheaper to buy an iPhone than have a baby, so WTF?

Good luck to all my classmates in COM0011. Having read some of your posts, it’s helped me through this course.

3 thoughts on “WTF – How do I stand out?

  1. I feel your pain Kelly! I think standing out from the crowd is the toughest part of mastering social media. And, what is interesting today is passé in a week. I can’t keep up. Let me know if you figure it out. Then we can both be millionaire consultants!

  2. Kelly I see where you are coming from. I also agree with joanneweston2015 that what is interesting today is passe in a week. Doesn’t that hold true for everything in life though? Corporations have to keep reinventing themselves, fashion comes and goes, music changes. Nothing is constant although to stand out we must be visionaries and leaders, or maybe just different, unique and go against the grain? We must be careful in the process because if done wrong, it could ultimately lead to our demise as well. Interesting topic

  3. I think that we all have that problem. In my generation we were taught to be seen and not heard, now we are told the opposite and it is unsettling, thank god our children have the drive and desire to be seen and heard. Is it we feel that by putting ourselves out there is presumptuous? We don’t want to toot our own horn?

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