COM0014 – Post 4: B2C Case Studies by Iliana Auverana

I have found many examples on how famous companies communicate through social media. Coca Cola is on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram. This company is using the same brand message on its different platforms while adapting the content to the social channel. The involvement of this huge company in social media is amazing: it sends a big number of Tweets a day and responds quickly to keep its audience engaged. This company uses influencers (celebrities) to get more attention and participation from customers. Coca Cola posts fun photos and animated gifs on Tumblr.


Starbucks is another brand that is broadly using social media. In its Facebook page, this company provides all kinds of information to help its customers (locations, employment opportunities, polls intended to get feedback, reloading Starbucks cards, etc.). This company sends tweets every day. I read a few complaints from customers on the Internet, but I guess it is a small number because the company is doing great from a financial point of view.


Staples is a very interesting business case. This company makes shareable videos, for example, of the preparation of a cupcake-shaped tape dispenser. It looks so yummy and fun. They have user-generated content, like contests asking people for help to design their Facebook cover photo. People have to visit the page again to check if their designs have been chosen. This company publishes tidbits about office life that keep people engaged. In my opinion, from the cases I read about, it is one of the best examples of a creative company who have succeeded on the social networks.

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