COM0011 Blog Post2 – My best day ever!


All I can say about today, is that it was a beautiful one. I went back to my roots. I went back to where I am happiest.

With a camera or two strapped to my side, I went out and asked people if I could photograph them.


Because a fraction of time can emulate the truest being. It is odd being a photographer sometimes. Every moment seems to be deserved of a still life memory; every person seems deserved to be photographed. Every person has a story.

My goal is to photograph 10 people every day. Talk to 10 different people everyday. All strangers!

I smile, tell them who I am and why I am doing this. I tell them, they are important. As any photographer, I am aiming at a smile but I avoid saying…. “say cheese” Hahaha…..even though I love cheese of any kind!

My first subject was a young man in the park strumming on an electric bass without the electric! Sitting there crossed legged, in the middle of Confederation Park, Kingston.  It is not a quiet place, not one where you expect a strumming bass guitarist to be practicing.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

“I want to get rid of my fears of playing in public,” he said.

I very much understood where he was coming from. It wasn’t that he was seeking attention; you couldn’t even hear him.

But he was there. I really got it.

Here is to my first of many portraits of ‘People of Kingston.’

4 thoughts on “COM0011 Blog Post2 – My best day ever!

  1. Hi Gail,
    This is the type of writing I like – clear, concise, and straight forward. I think photos play a huge role in social media.

    What a wonderful idea – 10 people/day and all strangers. Good for you. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you cognowski!!!!
    I decided that perhaps 10 people a day is a bit over-enthusiastic! LOL.
    I have decided 30 a week is more like it! I have accomplished that! I am taking over the blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for ‘Humans in Kingston.’

    It was started a few years back and has since been neglected. I want to post a ‘Human’ a day! I figured if I am a month ahead it will work! Hoping to start posting soon!

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