Dyslexic, Attention Deficit Disorder, Different Learning Styles?

I’m dedicating this blog post to anyone who has a learning disability.

Over the years of going to school, switching programs and being in different groups of people, I always thought I was stupid.  Not knowing I had a learning disability, I would just squeeze by to the next semester.  I couldn’t understand why other students could grasp the meanings and I was constantly stuck getting fifty percent in every class.  I felt so empty in a sense, I was really left out, constantly struggling over and over again.  I would sometimes have to leave class because all that information didn’t make sense to me.

You are not stupid!  You just need more time to build yourself in that field and in most cases you’re smarter than the people around you, you just haven’t put the pieces to the puzzle yet.  I still struggle with typing, grammar and writing a million words in blog posts.  To be honest, I’m not one to be constantly wording things especially paragraphs and papers.  I am very weak in writing and reading, but I’m excellent in public speaking, performing live and that artsy mode.

No matter what the learning disability is, you are exceptionally amazing at something that no one else is.  For example, I am good at writing music but school is extremely hard for me.  I can never fully understand why I’m still doing it, why students reject me for being different, why I’m constantly stuck in a rut. Building websites, art, music and Photoshop I can do without even thinking.

Anyone experiencing discomfort or feeling lost, you are not alone.  Don’t ever doubt yourself for being different, be grateful you can think outside of the box and be exceptionally good at something.  I set the bar very high and expect myself to be on top of my game.  Sometimes I think I have a disease and people look at me as a zombie, but I constantly have to remind myself I’m normal and yes I have flaws, but who doesn’t?

Keep your chin up and don’t stress.


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