Finely Edited Inspiration

      Of all social media platforms that I am active on, my all-time favourite has to be Instagram. Being an extremely visual person, Instagram photos not only interest me, but also provide unlimited inspiration. There are so many different networks to tap into based on each users personal interests, location or friend network. One of the reasons I love Instagram so much is the strong photographic community that has emerged and that I follow along with. My favourite users are people who are active members within their Instagram community and organize events such as Instameets, actively engage in conversations with their followers and have a strongly defined personal brand. Because I find so much inspiration through this platform, I’m going to share a list of my top favourite Instagram users to date.

Being an avid lover of nature, I can’t get enough of great landscape photographers. I’m always inspired by fresh photographs of places i’ve never been or have always wanted to go. One of my favourite landscape photographers at the moment is Kevin Russ. He specializes in taking iPhone only photographs and focuses on American Landscapes. His work has been published in multiple books, including a collaboration book with the popular photo editing app VSCO Cam. His follower base is currently at 202 thousand and he frequently organizes Instameets where fellow users can shoot along side him and learn from one another. Recently, Kevin participated in a project where he freight hopped across America and documented vagabond youths. This project was not only a photographic venture but a social experiment. You can find his work here.


      Another Instagram that I love scrolling through is Bri Emery. She goes by the name of designlovefest and is a creative director, blogger and travel addict living in Los Angeles. She specializes in posting dreamy looking photos of exotic locations, fun food to try and bright and feminine design. She regularly hosts workshops on the powers of social media and always provides appealing and informative content. This is a user who tries her hardest to provide sincere content and is currently living the life of my dreams.


      Given that i’m naturally drawn to landscapes and clean design, Mirae Campbell is another Instagrammer that I would recommend following. Being based in the Canadian West, her photos are centred around her weekends camping, climbing mountains or cliff diving. She definitely lives an inspiring life with no shortage of nature. Her follower base currently sits at 25 thousand and her clear photos never cease to inspire. Her account can be found here.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset


Are there any Instagram accounts that you’ve felt were too good not to share? Let’s hear about them!

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