Being myself and doing what I love

It has always been my dream to be recognized for my photography skills, worldwide.

Like a musician producing that’s ‘hit song’ and becoming an overnight sensation, I would produce ‘the photograph of all photographs.’

I realize now, in my more mature years that, not only must the song be great but the person hearing it must be influential.

I like Annie Lebowitz,  am a great portrait photographer.

Photograph by Gail Paquette

Photograph by Gail Paquette

I am not, however as renowned. Annie was in the right place at the right time and knew the right person.

So why am I surprised to find out, when a hit song emerges, that it in fact took the artists years and years of practice and rejections to reach that seemingly overnight success?

Am I naive to believe in instant fame?

It happens, rarely and it is kind of too late for me. It is not impossible, however, for the whole world to see my work.

With the escalation of visual content and social media platforms like Instagram, it would seem my talents are favoured for greatness.

But why take the time to produce original work when you can just steal it?

Personalized videos and photographs attract my attention and my trust.

I believe I am not the only one to feel this way.

Like a brilliant song that I tap my feet to and listen to over and over again, looking at a photograph or video clip that encapsulates authenticity, gives me the same desire to repeatedly go back for another look.

On my journey to being recognized, I have taken many leaps of faith and received many rejections.

But I keep going, like many before me.

I have had many published works, albeit to a small niche group of community minded people, and I am game to grow my audience.

The fear of being rejected is losing steam.

The ability of producing great photographs and powerful text, that reach a greater audience is within my grasp.

With the Internet and the power of Social Media, I will embrace my authenticity and make a difference in this world.

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