Podcasting: Think Sound (Plus Planning, Details)

IMG_1424 10.53.19 AM


If it’s true anyone can take a reasonably good photo when tasked, the same can likely not be said for recording a podcast.

Podcasts, dedicated audio packages across a world of topics from comedy to music to practising better yoga, are heard through iTunes and various RSS feeds.

As a fan, consumer and biased producer, any podcast requires good equipment to start.

This medium can go in so many directions in compelling, multitrack fashion.

To low-ball this potential due to poor planning, ill-timed execution, lacklustre equipment, and poor production is not just a shame: It’s a crime.

All who produce anything, podcasts included, are to be commended.

Considering the intimacy and captive potential of a podcast, taking the time to produce not just words you can hear but a presentation will be obvious.

The key is allowing the message to become enhanced through a podcast, not having it drown, become distorted and lost.




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