COM0014 #2: “Leave Your Mark”

If you want to succeed in digital communications, you need to find your voice, and then you need to own it and work it.

Aliza Licht says it best in her how-to guide to landing your dream job: “That whole ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ thing is total bulls**t. People will judge anything before they actually know what someone or something really has to offer.”

The author of Leave Your Mark: Land your dream Job. Kill it in your career. Rock Social Media. made her mark by becoming the “it girl” behind the the DKNY PR Girl Twitter feed. Licht is a proponent for strategic planning behind your personal brand, and she aims to teach others how to embrace their own identities to successfully maintain a digital niche.

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Storytelling is something many of us may not be accustomed to. Sure, our daily conversations and Facebook updates are all forms of storytelling that come with ease, but it’s the deliberate use of storytelling for the purpose of communicating that creates a challenge.

For some people, as soon as they know they have to tell a story, they freeze up and the anecdote fails to present itself. In these cases, all we’re left with are pathetically strung-together words sitting in as a sad excuse for a story.

But practice makes perfect, as they say, and this is where your personal brand comes into play.

Over time, you will develop your look and your voice (the virtual ones on your blog and social media channels) which, together, will form the foundation of your brand. Over time, by diligently honing your online presence, your style of storytelling will present itself.

Of course, there has to be a bit of personal direction in the process but, just like any new skill, the more you work at it, the easier it will come to you.

This is something I have been working at for years, not only as a social media strategy but as a journalistic writing skill. My background is in journalism and I made storytelling my job. This required looking at things through different lenses and always keeping in mind the type of audience I wanted to attract. (or, The Diva of Social Media) provides a few simple tips on getting started. 3 Ways To Find Your Brand’s Voice

When I read back on my old blog posts on, I can see the progression of my voice establishing itself in my personal brand. I can easily spot posts that readers would have glazed over without reading through, and I can spot the ones where I figured out how to make use of the real me through my writing.

For Aliza Licht, it was as simple as maintaining her conversational approach, or her “chatty and intimate tone,” as noted in her book’s description. She presented herself exactly the way she wanted to be perceived and, by simply being professional and easy-going, she earned a massive following and the title of a social media superstar.

Blog Post 2 for Assignment 1, COM0014

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