COM0014 Blog Post #3 – Target Audiences

Our family landscaping business is seeking to use social media to increase our brand awareness and audience of homeowners who are 50 years of age and under. Currently, over 70% of our clients are married couples over 50 years of age, retired (or close to retirement), no children at home, and are English-speaking. Our clients are typically middle to upper class members of society, with high amounts of disposable income. They are seeking to create an outdoor living space which can be used to entertain friends and family, as well as to relax in solitude. Many forgo expensive vacations instead opting to create their own paradise or retreat at home.  The majority of our clients do not use social media.

Our company wants to increase our audience in other demographics, namely younger homeowners and those who use social media. The idea with this is that if we can start a lasting relationship with these clients at a younger age, we can continue to assist them with their landscaping needs for many years to come. We have created a Facebook page that includes a company profile, a portfolio of projects, and engaging posts to share and interact with our followers. The problem with this is that, surprisingly, this demographic in our medium-sized city does not appear to use social media to find landscaping companies. I have been using Google Alerts for 1 year, and it has not yet yielded a positive hit for us. Searches using Pinterest, Twitter, Tweetdeck and Hootsuite have come back empty as well. The problem, then is that our company isn’t missing out on a conversation with our audience: the conversation isn’t happening online. We need to start the conversation and build our audience. Based on our Week 3 lesson, this is what I think will help us solve this problem:

  • Increase our social media presence
    • Having only 1 account is not enough. I think we should add at least a Twitter and Pinterest account. This will help build our brand awareness and we can link back to our Facebook page with these two. Lakeridge Contracting, a landscaping company in Whitby, ON has an excellent social media brand.
  • Start a monthly newsletter, using MailChimp
    • We already collect our clients’ email addresses. We can sign them up for our newsletter, which is helpful because:
      • Our company stays fresh in their minds
      • Our current clients know people in the demographic we are pursuing. They will hopefully refer us.
  • Start a blog that discusses landscaping trends, practices, and what differentiates us from our competition. This will allow readers to learn about us.
  • Increase supplier referrals
    • Many younger homeowners who want landscaping in our area go to the local landscape supply store and ask them to recommend a contractor. Many of the contractors, including us, have printed portfolios in the store for customers to look through. If we used a TV or tablet to display the projects and Facebook page, not only will it differentiate us from other companies, it will also create interest in our social media profile.
  • Promotional contests that require participants to “like” our Facebook page, sign up for our blog, follow on Twitter, etc.
  • Increased small-scale marketing of Facebook page
    • Link on supplier website, QR code inserted into business card, word-of-mouth mentions, etc.

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