COM0011 – Being Real with Social Media

As a Millennial, I have spent the entirety of my teen and adult years connected through some sort of Social Media. When I first began my journey with Social Media, there was no discussion about the safety of being online and the risks associated with putting information about yourself on the internet. In 2006, I created my Facebook profile. The following four years were littered with an obscene amount of photo albums and daily updates on my mostly mundane life. Similar to many young Social Media users, I created the Social Persona of a girl who needed to prove that I was away at school and having the time of my life – a girl desperate for likes and a higher friend count.

With age, and perhaps a growing awareness of the impacts of Social Media, my Social Media preferences and Persona has changed. My Social Persona has become a fun and professional women with a quirky flare. Instead of wanting a high friend count, I am focused on having a small group of genuine friends. I limit my posts to sharing information I think my friends will find interesting and I primarily use Facebook to learn about news from friends, brands and through trending topics. I have also adjusted my security settings to limit what content is visible to non-friends and also control some of the content my friends share on my page. I have carried over these preferences and my fun, professional and quirky Social Persona to my LinkedIn profile.

Overall, I think my Social Persona’s have been a genuine representation of the real me – my strengths and my weaknesses. I don’t believe that I live a censored life – in fear that I may put something out there that will tarnish my reputation. I am me, in person and on Social Media.

While my experience with developing a business Social Persona has been limited, when I am managing a businesses Social Media I aim to maintain the same tactic of being authentic and honest. In the clip below Chobani founder, Hamdi Ulukaya, discusses how to have a relaxed, personable attitude on social media.

Ulukaya’s message can be applied to both business and personal Social Persona’s. Be real. When you are real people will be willing to forgive any mistakes you do make.

How many Social Persona’s do you have?
How has your Social Persona evolved since you first entered the Social Media scene?
Is your Social Persona a genuine representation of you?

5 thoughts on “COM0011 – Being Real with Social Media

  1. I completely appreciate the evolution you went through in finding your own social personal. Every year I review my Facebook profile to do some clean up work and make sure it still reflects the personal and professional stage I’m at in my life. The same goes for my LinkedIn account but I find that’s more about updating my professional experience, skills, training.
    I don’t feel I’m the real me online because I’m so very cautious to have something I post misinterpreted or taken out of context. After doing some reading about online shaming I’m not sure I will ever be comfortable with the idea that others are “willing to forgive any mistakes you do make” online. I really admire those that can be comfortably being “real” online but I’m definitely very conservative and cautious.

  2. I definitely think that you must be very careful what you post as it could come back to haunt you later in life. I too had cleaned up my Facebook page until recent events have me obtaining many more friends then I am used to. I am currently on strike with the City of London and I have found that coming together in Facebook with my Union brothers and sisters has become a useful tool. Of course there are no words against the city or anything that could get us in trouble with my employer, but information about upcoming rallies and pictures and blurbs from CTV and the London Free Press are very useful.

  3. Personally I have Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and professionally I have Facebook, Twitter and LInkedIn. While I am more “myself” on my personal accounts I have my profile locked down so it’s extremely private (as private as anything can be online). I’ve never been one for public rants or frequent “what I’m doing now, what I’m doing in 5 minutes” type posts but, similarly to everyone else, I’ve become increasingly less inclined to post and more inclined to read. My personal profiles are maintained so far away family and friends can keep in touch. In contrast my professional accounts are somewhat stilted and very business like. I need to work on creating a more “fun” and personable (while still professional) image for those accounts.

  4. I loved in the video when Hamdi Ulukaya says, “never let anybody else be your voice.” I really like this idea because I think it makes a company so much more relatable.

    I have one Social Persona but that persona has changed over the years. I too created a Facebook account when all my friends were doing it. However, I was always more comfortable reading over posting. About a year ago, I deleted that account. I was not using it as much as I once did and I was not enjoying it the same way I once did either. The only social media account I maintain for personal interest is a Pinterest account. I love posting things there for reference or for enjoyment. All my other social media involvement is purely professional. I find it makes things easier, it keeps my personal life more personal.

    I find social media a challenge because in person I am very outgoing and bubbly. However, I am also very private. I have had a hard time translating that online. I am also a perfectionist and I find that a challenge online. If we have a conversation in person, I say what comes to mind. If we have a conversation online, I have too much time to second guess or over analyze my written response before hitting the send button. I have actually found this course has helped me on the perfectionist front as it has forced me to post and at some point let go of the fact it may not be perfect.

  5. I am with Penny on the persona issue. I feel I try to be as authentic as I can without giving too much of my privacy away on Twitter. Mostly I stay professional, don’t give too many opinions. I use Facebook the majority of the time to see what others are up to rather than posting my own updates, same goes for Instagram. I have an account, but have not uploaded any photos. I don’t comment or post anything on LinkedIn–it is simply there to show my professional capacity.

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