COM0015 – Blog Post 4 – Out of the box

An overwhelming amount of new options / apps are coming out almost daily making it difficult for someone new to, or a dabbler in, social media / online marketing to keep track of the new apps or trends that could be useful to the company he or she represent. You need to have the time to research and test the possibilities of the apps to see if it will be valuable for your company to use them. It can also be difficult to choose one because we never now how popular they will be and what will be their ‘lifespan’.

How are you supposed to choose apps to make your company efficient with so little information? (if you need more words maybe expand on how this means that social media and online marketing need to be professionalized and that is why were are seeing these as new jobs).


Rather than focusing on which apps to choose, I believe that basic communication is more important regardless of the medium, an app is really just a medium. In this ‘uber’ connected world, I find that we tend to chose the same old apps, using the the same old underlying processes, because we just can’t process the information and decide. You have to seek information about social media rather than the information coming to you. Or maybe it is just me? Our last assignment was about participating in a social media event, so you would assume: just google it and find something! No. It was really difficult to find a social media related event to attend in the national capital, so it goes back to the connectivity and communication. I think there are possibilities to increase what and when we share information. While I was trying to find something to talk about, I searched Mashable for the new trends and discovered Mashable Social Media Day. On June 30, Mashable will host their 6th social media day and numerous events are organized across the world whether online or in person. When you search deeper, Mashable is referring you to Meetup, a website to meet with people sharing the same interests / events as you. What a great way to increase networking and communicating.

Finding and interacting with others in social media, is one tool that we can use to help us deal with the rapid innovation occuring in this field. Let’s hope that it gets easier!

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