COM0015 – Professional Networking

After attending the Unit Public Affair Representative Course last week (course from the Government), I have to admit that networking is essential to social media and communications. Spending the week with other communicators was really invigorating and I learned a lot. I have learned that the government public affairs community has a ‘Technet’ where you can ask for, or give, advice. Because I am new in the public affairs world I assume that I will be asking for public relations advice but be able to give advice about social media. Using the ‘Technet’ will be my first step of my social media networking strategy.

My present strategy to develop my network (online and in-person) is to: maintain and consult my new ‘Technet’ when required (that way, I stay active within my community), and secondly, continue monitoring Facebook and Twitter for social media influencers (Rebekah Radice, The Social Media Examiner, Mashable, Chris Brogan, Erik Qualman, etc) for virtual suggestions on potential ideas and the latest trends. I think it is a great way to learn, share and find new ideas. There are so many comments left after their posts that those influencers don’t always answer, but I consider it a good professional development nonetheless. If the topic interests you, it gives you a starting point to research the rest. I also make sure to look at who those influencers follow and most of the time, I end up adding to my following list. It increases the information I get and share.

Another strategy I will consider is to attend more social media events whether they’re online or in-person. Online seems more likely as there is very little opportunity in Ottawa for social media conferences. I will keep an eye open and consult Facebook Events and Meetup to see what is going on close-by, step out of my comfort zone and attend something.

Attending events is great for networking but for me, it is more about what you do with the information after that’s

If any of you out there know of any social media events / conferences / webinars in the national capital, let us know.

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