Blog #6 Embracing Creativity COM0011


As I near the end of this course I’ve been looking back at how I’ve changed in the past few months and what I’m taking away from what I’ve learned. The biggest change for me is my focus is a little sharper and I am able to see my being creative as a necessity in my life. For many years I thought of creativity as something that children do or something not for me because I am not what some would call a ‘traditional artist’. I’ve realized that somewhere along the line I gave up thinking I was an artist because I didn’t know how to draw or paint. It sounds silly when I say that but I think that many adults give up on being creative or artistic because it is seen as fruitless or wasteful and that we are better to put our minds toward more practical or money-making endeavours. Activities that we enjoyed as children become bothersome and time consuming when there are more important things to be doing like laundry and cleaning out the garage, and spending endless hours at a job that you loathe.

The topic of embracing your creativity or art can be vague because it is different for everyone. You don’t have to be a traditional artist to be creative. Indulging in a little playfulness or simplicity can get those creative juices flowing. You can be creative in any area of your life.

I spent years envying those who do things that make them happy and wondered what was it about myself that couldn’t get over that hurdle. I am now starting to view many things in my life differently. Perhaps a midlife crisis is looming in there or I am coming out of a lifelong crisis into who I actually am. Am I finally seeing the light? Hope so!

For me, embracing creativity is crucial to finding out who I am and finding my place in the world. I have found that by putting myself out there whether in social media or by simply writing a blog entry I have felt a little more confident about self expression. I’ve used the format of the course to work through my thoughts and ideas for my small business and it has helped me organize the next steps.

There is a plethora of articles and videos with tips to self improve through creativity and finding your passions in life. I found a TED talk which speaks to the fear of doing things that bring us great joy and satisfaction. Enjoy and create!

One thought on “Blog #6 Embracing Creativity COM0011

  1. Thank you so much. The creativity portion is also something that I have struggled with in this class. You nailed it on the head when you speak about the risk of putting your creativity out there for the world to see, but I have also grown to embrace it and am looking at conversations as potential blog posts.

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