Com0015 – Discussion #1 – Highlights of Trend Reports ( Fishing and SUP)

Having taken a broader look at the SUP and fishing industries, it is clearer than day that one has remained status quo while the other has sky rocketed into popularity. Over and over again you see the phrase “ Stand Up Paddle Board is the #1 growing sport in today’s age”. You can’t escape it – this new trend is growing faster than it would take me to fall of the board on my first time! All this to say – the most relevant trend I discovered from my Trend Report is that SUP’s popularity is blowing all other activities out of the water. Literally.

In Emily Ritter’s article “By the numbers: the growth of SUP” mentions that SUP has the highest number of first time participants than any other sport in the USA. Personally, I find this remark very believable. As a self professed “non-athlete” of any sorts, even I made mention that this is a sport that I could see myself doing. Now that says a lot!

I believe that SUP has gained tremendous popularity for 2 reasons in particular:

1 – It can be done anywhere where there is water. There is no need to travel to a tropical destination with killer waves. Heck – you could do this is a pool if you really wanted to! 2 – It is appealing to people who come from all levels of fitness. It is a low impact, effective workout that anyone at any age could do.

My biggest prediction for this trend is that I believe the market will become over saturated with corporations trying to jump on the popular bandwagon. An article in the Wall Street Journal stated that in 2008 (only roughly 8 years in its infancy) this was already a 7.2 billion dollar industry. Another article in quoted Boardworks COO, Bob Rief, as saying that he’s noticed a jump from 3 to 78 paddleboard manufacturers in only 5 years at a local retailer in San Diego. Much like any other big trend – pet rocks in the 70s, Tickle Me Elmo in the early 2000s, the Ice Bucket Challenge – all of these resulted in mass dollars being spent. The only difference between those and this new trend is that no matter how saturated the market may be, we won’t be seeing a decline anytime soon.

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