COM0011 #5 Why be afraid of the internet?

It is curious that a lot of old people when somebody talks about Internet they feel fear but when somebody talks with young people their reaction is the oposite. New generations do not feel fear because they know how to use this tool called Internet. Then, why old people feel fear? A lot of people could say: Because we don’t know how to use it. This fact shows a lot of insecurity about the digital world. In this post, I’ll write some of the reasons people be afraid of the Internet world

The risk of Internet

The risk of Internet

Firstly, I want to share that it is not the same how feel the Western people than other societies. We can not compare the European or North American people than Asian, arabic, or south american people. These types of cultures believe in other things than the Western people. And I don’t speak only about the divinities or spiritual perspective.  They can believe in other facts like other type of beauty only because they have not grown up in Europe or North America (U.S.A and Canada)

Stay safe on Internet

Stay safe on Internet

Secondly, If we only have focused in the Western Culture there a lot of differences.  It is not the same Spain, Portugal or Italy than the countries where appeared Internet and Social Networks.

The first difference is the way people see the world and their behaviour. We can’t compare the Mediterranean society than the North American culture. Mediterranean people are more focus in the party than the americans. I do not want to say what culture is better, I only say that there are a lot differences between two different countries.

Secondly, the education systems present a lot of differences, and in this point there is the main key of why people are afraid to internet. The Mediterranean culture don’t feel safe with this tool. For example, a lot of Spaniards when they will go to buy something via Internet they prefer buying in the store. Young people feel more safe than old people because teens know how to use this tool and they know in what sites you can buy something with security.

Apple Online Store

Apple Online Store

In the social networks world happens something very similar. The old Mediterranean people (older than 40) don’t know how to use Facebook because they think that social networks is something by younger people and their sons. Old people don’t trust in Internet in the Mediterranean cultures. In North America, old people try to learn use the computers with different tools such us courses.

I know that use Internet can produces some risks but I think that everyone have to know how to use this tool because is the future of the world. It is fact and we can not say that it is a lay. Everything depends of the culture where do you grow up and your own education.

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