5 Objects to Enrich Your Life

Last blog we explored “5 Activities to Enrich Your Life”. Is it possible that there are also objects that can enrich your life? I think most of us would agree that things are not what is important in our lives but admittedly we still seek to own certain treasures both small and large. So… what things put a smile on your face or a skip in your step? What do you admire in the stores? What do you spend money on when you are able? In this blog we will explore…  

 5 Objects to Enrich Your Life:

 1. Delectable Treats 

winechocolateEveryone has a weakness… sweet or salty. A rich glass of red wine and dark chocolate or crisp white wine and milk chocolate provides a soothing combination of mouth-watering pleasure for me. What’s your guilty pleasure?

 2. Beautiful Art

Wandering through small local art galleries is both calming and inspiring. Fine art, pottery, sculptures, or re-purposed pieces capture emotions, life moments, beauty, and creativity. Whether I purchase or leave empty-handed I feel inspired.

(Kryart – favourite local gallery 🙂 )

3. New Clothes

images-3Every season should start with 1 new outfit if possible. Every time you put it on the day is a little sweeter and you walk with a little more confidence.

Sing it with me… “I feel pretty… Oh so pretty…”

4. Jewelry

images-4Ok, I am a sucker for jewelry. I know… typical girl. The few pieces of jewelry I have received as gifts have had great meaning to me because of why they were given to me. Every time I wear it I feel that person’s love. Most literally it is an “object of their affections”.

5. A Clean Organized House 

What is the saying? “A cluttered house is a cluttered mind”.  I cannot work or relax in my home when it is cluttered.   It feels dis-organized, chaotic, and unsettling. The process of getting that clean, organized house is arduous. However, the result is surroundings that allow me to feel calm and peaceful.


As I write I realize it is not the objects that are of value to me but the emotions they evoke; self-indulgence, inspiration, confidence, love, peace. That is the reason I seek these things and find them valuable in my life. What objects enrich YOUR life?  What do they do for YOU?


Next Blog – 5 People to Enrich Your Life.

4 thoughts on “5 Objects to Enrich Your Life

  1. Interesting post. I’m on the road a lot which makes ‘comfort’ a sometimes difficult task. In January, 2007 I found a stainless steel French press in a shop in Botswana. I’ve carried around that French press and a bag of Italian roast coffee ever since. No matter where I am – whether it be in the middle of the African bush, on a beach in Barbados, a hut in S.E. Asia, or the mountains of Afghanistan – I like to wake up early, boil some water, steep my coffee then sit back and sip on my coffee while enjoying that quiet peaceful time before people wake up and start going about their day. It’s a time for reflection and an opportunity to plan the day ahead. Then in 2013 I found some sweet little stainless steel cups in Thailand – perfect to latch onto a backpack and enjoy my coffee in style. I’ve taken a lot of jabs and criticism over carrying that French press around like a baby on my back the past 8 years but it’s something that helps me feel stable, gives me routine and provides a little peace and luxury in a life often filled with chaos.

    • Tara,
      What an interesting life you lead. I think it’s great that you found something that gives you peace, luxury, and stability in your life of busyness and constant change. Very cool.

  2. Really fun post! Shoes, sandals and boots would top that list for me. Who doesn’t feel fabulous when wearing a new pair of heels?! I think shoes are a girl’s best friends. I buy them all the time and hope I never have to stop wearing them. A few years ago, I sprained my ankle pretty bad walking in the Gatineau Park. It scared me as I thought I would never be able to wear heels again. Thankfully, my injuries healed up well, but it would truly be devastating for me if I ever had to give up my heels. The second item on that list would be my vehicles—my Subaru BRZ and my Kawasaki Ninja 636. I love going on long drives (or rides) when the weather is hot and sunny. I roll down the windows, turn up the music up and immediately feel free and inspired.

    • Very cool… shoes & cars. To be honest I did not even know where that post was going until I wrote it. I knew that it wasn’t completely foolish to place value in some objects. I just didn’t realize until writing and processing that the objects had value because of how they made me feel inside. It’s a little strange and pretty simple. It also makes me realize how powerful a tool putting words to paper can be.

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