COM0015 – Assignment 5 – Training With Lisa Larter

Where do I begin? I have so much to say that my head is exploding! I enrolled in The Pilot Project with Lisa Larter at the beginning of the year. It was and is a work in progress. Pilot Project dives into you and your business. When it comes to business you just cannot get away from NUMBERS! So, I won’t sugar coat it here either, she dives into the numbers from the get go.

The first module jumps right in feet first and you are on your way to working and figuring out your business. It is eight modules long with bonus information daily. There is support! Support is lifetime within the Facebook group. You are also free to take the course over again to revamp what you have learned about yourself and business or go over points you may have missed. This online course is about YOU and about YOUR business! It’s all you. Whether you own a start-up or a 6 figure company the tools and insights that are presented this course will grow your business if you apply them and do the work. You learn at your own pace. You have the key to make real changes as well! You get what you put into the course. From top to bottom Lisa will have you taking a real look at your goals and growing your business. It’s not easy. There were many eye- opening moments and I am still working through the material in the course.
During the program it was suggested pretty strongly that we find accountability partners and/or groups. I managed to connect with a lady from the United States taking the course as well. Due to the distance we met online via Skype and Google hangouts. I have often used Skype but never Google hangouts so the lady I connected with was more than open to running a meeting using Google hangouts. Setting up hangouts took longer than I thought. Downloading the proper apps while we were meeting and the lady I was connecting with was so patient with me that I was thankful! During the Google hangout, I noticed and learned that it is very different than Skype. I truthfully found it difficult to hear the other end. I found having to wear the microphone a little awkward and on top of that the video quality was not as good as what I was used to through Skype. I was told that there are different apps available to download to improve these areas. I must say I am happy to hear that due to the fact that there are more online hangouts I would like to take part in. The lady that I connected with and I traded information that can help our businesses by suggesting new trainings and links to blogs, sites and Facebook pages of seasoned professionals working in areas of interest such as video and business consulting. I have since continued the connection with this lady by connecting and friending her on Facebook.

In terms of the Pilot Project, I can go through all the modules one by one but have chosen not too because it truly is different for everyone. Lisa shares her story and nuggets throughout the program to help you get to be where YOU want to be! I feel this program is perfect for anyone looking to add additional training beyond the Algonquin College Social Media program, whom may be looking to apply the new knowledge in a way to form a viable business.

In addition to the Pilot Project, I took part in Lisa Larter’s Twitter webinar. Even though I have used Twitter and understand it, I thought it was a good idea to review the basics and learn a few more things about it. I was completely impressed with the webinar that was one hour long. I learned “lists”, something I was a little foggy about. Lisa explained clearly and in turn I was able to help someone with a “Lists” tip on a group I joined on Facebook. I was able to USE what I learned and apply it immediately!

That’s the main theme for training with Lisa Larter I have found. She presents information in such a way that you can apply it immediately. She wants you to succeed!

I am thankful I have found Lisa Larter and will be on the lookout for more training with her.

If you are interested in finding out more about Lisa Larter, and her Pilot Project, please visit . I would also recommend signing on to her email list to stay in touch when new trainings become available and her tips you can access through her blog.

In conclusion, I must say that I would definitely take more training from Lisa Larter. In fact I plan to do The Pilot Project over again, fine tuning and adding to my business the necessary changes to succeed. It’s a program that is actually good to do over again because there are things you miss the first time around because you really put you and your business under a microscope. The Pilot Project, with life time membership and support, now, how can you go wrong with that?

The following are screen shots which signify proof of attendance.

Lisa Larter TPP

Lisa Larter Twitter

Lisa Larter Page 1

Lisa Larter Page 2

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