The Twitter Helmet Takes Wearable Technology to a Whole New Altitude! – Blog #5 COM 0011

Photo:  An insider Twitter source shared the photo above from company headquarters capturing Twitter employees’ beta-testing the helmet.

As a new Twitter user, I am still getting used to HOW Twitter works and WHY I should spend my time on it.  I find Twitter to be more invasive than Facebook, and as someone who can get addicted to social media, I am being very cautious about how much I use Twitter.  However, I am also a victim of fashion and accessories.  I absolutely LOVE gadgets and I am especially fascinated by wearable technology!  I am the kind of person who wants an Apple watch NOW, regardless of how chunky it might be!  So you can imagine how intrigued I was when I heard about the Twitter Helmet!  Well, at first…


The Director of Wearable Technology Research Tweeted the Twitter Helmet announcement:

“Today we’re pleased to pre-announce the Twitter Helmet™, a sophisticated, fully immersive, staggeringly high-resolution wearable device that allows our users to interact with the world around them entirely via a custom aviary interface.”

Design Influence

The design influence of the Twitter Helmet is definitely bird influenced and I mean this literally.  Currently insider marketing spin doctors have come up with the fancy term “Aviary” to describe their product and its interface!  According to company release the device “allows users to tweet with a simple pecking motion of the head” further emphasizing the bird influence.  I found some leaked design sketches which show more of the style and capabilities:

Twitter Helmet Design Influence 1

twitter_helmet_concept_art_roughs 2

Other leaked documents said that the helmet being made of high-quality materials like impact-resistant, Oleophobic-treated glass.  According to the company statement  “The helmet will include a plethora of bird-related accessories like “a hand-tooled leather case inspired by falconry hoods, feather-shaped Wi-Fi and cellular signal boosters, and a carbon fiber chinstrap with optional wattle-form factor microphone.”  As evidenced by the first leaked photo, we can see that the base model will be available in a synthetic Easter egg blue, and the design sketches indicate that other colours and designs will follow.  The company also stated that the helmet will be available in September just in time for back to school.  Early rumours suggest that the product will be reasonably priced with the entry level base model set to retail at just 139.99.

Safety/Fashion Concerns 

My first reaction when I saw the helmet was a bit of disappointment.  I must say that I am not the kind of person to wear such bright colours, all-be-it, Easter egg blue is better than pink or yellow, but still, I am not into mid-tone pastels and much prefer bleaker options like basic black or grey that might give off a more sophisticated air and work more flexibly with a variety of wardrobe options.  I was also concerned about safety!  It is currently unclear how the helmet which the statement said would “engulf the user’s entire head” will allow for good visibility for those using the device.  The idea of people using it while walking is a concern, but hopefully it will be outlawed for use while biking or operating a car!  The early company statement indicates that it is intended for mobile use.  Early reviews believe that the device will need to comply with current mobile phone laws pertaining to its use in motor vehicles.

What are your thoughts on the Twitter Helmet?  What wearable mobile technology do you crave? 

2 thoughts on “The Twitter Helmet Takes Wearable Technology to a Whole New Altitude! – Blog #5 COM 0011

  1. Interesting post. I am not sure what are the advantages the helmet brings other than the ability to interact with the world through an aviary interface and pecking with your head to tweet. i have to admit I voted I wouldn’t wear it as I just had a visual of walking down the street with the helmet on bringing much attention to myself and then pecking with my head to tweet. I would probably to try it at home to experience the aviary high resolution which would be similar to seeing through the eyes of an eagle – kind of cool. Interesting to see how we progress as a society with wearable technology and the new emerging products in the coming years. I am also very fascinated by all of this and definitely see a huge potential in the education sector. The fitness industry is booming with all of the wearable electronic gadgets. imagine if we had the ability and technology to download information through our eyes directly into our brains information in 5 minutes on everything you always wanted to learn about. Take for example learning to play the guitar, reading a book, or taking a course.

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