COM0015 – Blog Post 4 – Out Of The Box

In the field of social media it is jam packed of useful and unexpected applications. Some of the more unexpected apps I have come across are ones you can find on the phone. Posting graphic quotes is very popular and one app that I found that does a great job is “Word Swag”. This app allows you to put together a graphic quote and really make it look professional with its font and word layout. You can choose your own quotes or sayings and your own pictures, as well pre-programmed quotes and pictures. There are options for each chosen font layout which adds to the flexibility and ease in designing a graphic quote. The benefit here is that its fast and professional looking allowing you to create and post to social media sites in an instant! Below is an example of something that was created on word swag. Algonquin 1 Another app that I have found that is great to use is “Facetune”. This app allows you to polish a selfie up and post an awesome looking picture!! True, it’s altering slightly the picture taken but only slightly. The difference is remarkable and yet it is subtle all the same! In the trend of taking selfies, this would surely come in handy for those who want a polished picture without the outsourcing price of a photographer. Perfect for those day to day updates. I wouldn’t recommend using this app in place of a professional headshot by a photographer though. It looks great but there is still a certain crispness that shines through with a professional headshot. Below is an example of two photos. The first one was untouched. The second photo was touched up using Facetune. Remarkable change and great for an updated selfie posted to social media. Shelby 1 Shelby 2 Would you use filters to polish a selfie? Or go au natural? Or use a mix of both?

2 thoughts on “COM0015 – Blog Post 4 – Out Of The Box

  1. Hi Juanita, Thanks for posting. I believe one would need to be careful about using these apps to “touch up” photos. Perhaps for a personal photo on a personal site it’s ok. I suggest in a professional context (such as LinkedIn) you would not want to create an impression of yourself that doesn’t square with reality. In other words, if you have a touched-up photo of yourself on LInkedIn that is viewed by a potential employer and then you present yourself for an in-person interview, if the there is too big a gap between the two photos, it could be seen as being inauthentic or even misleading in a way similar to embellishing your resume (with the potential impact on the employer’s hiring decision).

    • Hi Cameron, I agree 100% with what you said. I would never use a touched up photo on LinkedIn and in reality I do not use a touched up photo on my sites…favouring a better angle and hat that promotes part of my personality. I think it’s a fun thing to use the apps for photo touch-up. In my blog I mentioned how it should not replace a professional shot done by a professional photographer, where premium lighting is used against a natural face. Even in that case, I would recommend a female go for the look in makeup she would normally wear as opposed to something that’s not in her nature.

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