COM011 POST #4 “Five negative aspects that social media causes to teenagers”

Everybody says that Social Media has positive aspects because is a way to communicate with others, but behind those, Social Media can hurt people or produce negativity. Teens are the most affected ones by the communication via Internet.

1. Lose  face to face contact.

In our days, nobody can live without their mobile phones. These tools are essential for everybody because they are tools to communicate with others. In many occasions, when you are walking on the street and you can see a group of teens, they are not speaking between them because they are connected to the internet.

Teens on their phone

Teens on their phone

2. Cyberbullying

A lot of young people suffer this type of problems. What is the meaning of this concept? It is really similar to bullying but the difference is that a teen can get away from a bullying situation at their high school going to another place or leaving but the problem starts when the situation follows the teen home. Cyberbullying is based on persistence. There are a lot of victims each year, and the majority of them are girls. A common website were people bully other people like friends or people they know is The symptoms of cyberbullying are depression and in some occasions, suicide.



3 It has broken relationships

As I said before, cyberbullying can lead to a broken relationship since in a lot of cases cyberbullying is reported to the police and they find out. There are multiple ways to suffer this type of abuse and governments should improve the ways to protect them. Whatsapp is one app that can breake a good relationship

The effects of Whatsap

The effects of Whatsapp

4 Teens post the wrong pictures

In some occasions, teenagers don’t think about their future when they post pictures in the different social networks. For instance, partying or drinking alcohol. This type of photos can be bad consequences in a work interviews.

Young people drinking

Young people drinking

5 Education Different apps and Social Networks can affect the education of kids. A very good example is the different mistakes of spelling that a lot of teenagers make because they are a lot of time on their phones and they are texting. “Ur beautiful and id like 2 hang with u soon” is one example than can show some mistakes that young people make.

Spelling mistakes

Spelling mistakes

The question is easy. How we contribute to decrease these negative aspects? The education is essential, different governments need to invest in a good way and teach how teenagers can communicate with these new tools in a good way

4 thoughts on “COM011 POST #4 “Five negative aspects that social media causes to teenagers”

  1. Thank you for posting this blog…I have been writing a lot about my own fears/challenges with Facebook and how it affects my children 3 & 6 but I hadn’t thought about how it will impact them as they get older. As a parent, the internet can be a scary place as your child enters out into the online world. It’s also been proven that teens have not yet mastered their impulse control or developed the part of the brain that understands repercussions. This is a dangerous combination when compared to the instantaneous and permanent nature of posting online. There has even been talk of wiping a teens online presence clean (if desired) when they turn of age. Similar to treating them like a minor who may have committed a criminal offense in their youth. There is much room to explore this issue. Thanks again!

  2. Hi there, can you please clarify what you mean on your 3rd point which talked about the negative impact of social media on relationships? It looks like you’re saying that social media can break up “good relationships” when cyber-bullies are reported to police. That sounds like you’re claiming abuse should be hidden behind closed doors rather than spoken about openly or referred to the authorities.

    • Hi Tara, i meant completely the opposite, i wanted to say that buying is a fact and we need to be careful with this fact. We need to protect teens that suffers bullying and in some cases, the social media promotes these types of actions

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