6 Reasons to Feel GOOD about a Staycation for March Break

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More than ever, parents are feeling a lot of pressure to get away for March Break.  Talk on the playground of beach vacations, ski trips, Caribbean cruises and European adventures is enough to make anyone envious.

But is going away really the best choice?

A recent poll released by CIBC found that 12 % of Canadians were headed out for March Break. Considering that only half of the population has children at home, the number of parents of school aged children heading out of town increases dramatically.  Of the 12% surveyed, some 41 % say they will be vacationing in Canada while 36% say they will be heading south to the US. The poll found that on average, vacationers plan on spending $2,665 on their trip.

So……. what is the best choice for your family?

Here are 6 GOOD reasons to FEEL GREAT about staying home.

1. Everyone Needs A Break – Your kids have been working hard at school and at all their activities.  They are tired. You are tired.  We all look forward to those days when we can sleep in, stay in our pjs and just hang out.  Kids used to get to do more of that, but in the last 20 years or so Saturday mornings are often occupied with hockey, curling, swimming etc. During March Break these activities are usually cancelled so now is your family’s chance for some much needed down time. Your kids will thank you for it and they will be well prepared to head back to school and be productive.

graduate pic2. Save Money – The $2,665 you will save by not leaving town will cover the cost of 1 year of university tuition in 10 years. If you don’t have that amount of  money to save then you aren’t doing you or your family any favours by going into debt.  Not adding additional stress to your life is a true gift to your kids.

family-playing-board-game pic

3. Family Time – When is the last time you had the opportunity to sit down at the dining table and play Monopoly or Uno? Do you remember playing these games as kids? Some of the best family memories have been created over a board game.  Cost of the game $20, snacks $5, pictures and video, free — Memories, priceless.

4. Activities In Your City – Think of all of the things to do in your hometown that you and your family haven’t done.  There may be a museum that you haven’t visited in ages.  What about a University basketball game or a Junior A’ hockey game? How about a family swim at the local indoor pool.  Your kids just want you to all be together, having fun. They don’t really care where it takes place, just so long as it does.  If you are in Ottawa, check out the link below:

Top 10 things to do in Ottawa – Ottawa Tourism

www.ottawatourism.ca › Ottawa Insider

Chilli pic5. Get-togethers With Family and Friends – We all have family and friends that we don’t get to see enough of.  These days it can be so hard to find a date to get-together.  How about a chili or pizza night with old friends?  Kids love these types of gathering. Let them stay up late, and sleep in.  It is always a fun night for everyone and making new memories with old friends is  a must.  Try out one of the chilli recipes below.
15 Top Chili Recipes

contentment pic

6. Last But Not Least, Gratitude – Nothing puts vacation envy into perspective quite so well as spending time helping those less fortunate.  If you plan ahead a little bit you can find a local food bank or another charity that would love your help for an afternoon. Food banks welcome kids to help stock shelves, do some clean up or hand out food.  Appreciating what we have instead of what we don’t is always a recipe for happiness and contentment.

So…… what are your plans for March Break? Did you feel pressured to get away?

3 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Feel GOOD about a Staycation for March Break

  1. I think stay-cations are great. Often my family and I do get away for March Break, but this past week was spent letting the kids relax, spending time with friends, and taking part in activities right in our own back yard. We had countless games of UNO, Cheat, and Monopoly, lots of reading and movies, and visiting friends. Not once did I hear them say they wished they were somewhere else.

    The best part was this morning sending them off, they were relaxed, refreshed and ready to get back to school.

  2. It’s so awesome to see this post because I was very close to writing about the same topic this week!

    I took time off work last week and was going to take a trip down south, but then I decided there was a lot less stress involved with a stay-cation! So I stayed in Ottawa for the week. I’m on my own, and it was so relaxing and enjoyable to sleep in as late as my body felt necessary, catch up with friends, and basically just do whatever I pleased each day.

    Maybe next year I will go away to escape the wind chill, but travel is just so exhausting sometimes! My activities including dinner with a friend, a relaxing massage appointment, and an afternoon spent with my parents were a wonderful break from my hectic work life! I approve of and recommend stay-cations to anyone!

  3. Great post! I love being able to enjoy this city. I usually do it when friends visit from out of town. Ottawa really is pretty. That being said though, this winter has been so cold that I wished I had gone away somewhere!

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