COM0015 – Blog Post 1 – Tools & Sources

My two favourite listening / monitoring tools are Twitter for listening to trends and recently, I have been introduced to ( I find that Twitter is very practical because I get the headlines and if I want to read more about any given subjects, I just click on the link. It gathers all sort of information and postings and can recommend other similar sites / tweets based on what you already follow.


(ok I could not find the Twitter bird over Ottawa, so Toronto it will have to be)

When it comes to monitoring, last semester, I was introduced to Netvibe to monitor. I liked it because it allowed me to monitor numerous platforms onto one single dashboard. I like to see all of it on the same screen and not having to switch back and forth. But it had its limits. My workplace is currently trying a platform called and from what I see, it is working very well. The only thing is that you have to pay to use it. There’s a trial part but it is not long enough to be worth it. Knowing about would be beneficial for me as it is a tool work is using and a position of content manager might open up 🙂

As for a source of news, I love surfing on Mashable. It is simple and has a bit of everything to help me increase my profesional knowledge of what is happening in the social media world.

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