COM0015 – Blog 3 – Professional Networking Now and in the Future

A strategy must be planned out to execute professional networking be it online or in person.

It’s so easy to get sidetracked into the wrong direction of where you intend to get to. One of the things that I had to do was sit down and focus on where my online energies are going. I decided to clean up my social media accounts to help maintain a sense of focus.

How I did that, was to remove myself from all groups that I was not participating in on Facebook. Next I limited all public groups to two and kept most groups closed or secret. This was an attempt to “save” my friends feed from becoming cluttered and risk being unfollowed. I also stopped notifications and unfollowed groups. Then why stay in a group? Good question. This was an attempt to minimize wasted time. I still check into the group when I have the time to do it. Some groups are large and can really have a lot of posts filtered into your news feed that I found I wasted time on my feed and missed out on important news to me.

This strategy has actually helped me remain focused on my goals. In turn, I am better able to “keep up” with the connections that I have made online and develop true relationships.
Developing a relationship online is a little more difficult but can be done with success. The main thing to remember is that all things take time. Nothing is instant. Investing time online is the same as investing time in person.
Over the next year I plan to continue with developing relationships online as I have a slight mobility issue that online connecting seems to works for me.

My strategy is to take part and participate in the groups that I have already joined and have become a part of. One group offers Facebook parties and Tweet-ups and I plan to take part in the fun of participating with people I have become friends with online. This will strengthen the bond and I get to have fun getting to know people at the same time.

You will have already noticed that I referred to my new online connections as friends. Well that is what has happened! I have become friends with some people who live in the United States whom I share hopes dreams and business goals with. We have become a support for each other and the new things going on in our lives with our businesses!

My additional goals include making in person connections with people I have met all ready online who live locally. How I plan to do that is attend a local networking event and meet at least one person off my online friends list. It’s a goal that is important to me because as much as meeting people online is great I do miss the old fashioned in person connections.

Do you miss in person connection too? Share your thoughts.

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