COM0015 – Blog #1 – I don’t like to monitor!

Perhaps it’s because Im stilled scarred from learning Yahoo Pipes or perhaps its because I have not yet had a business reason to but one thing is certain – I do NOT use Social Media monitoring tools. I mean, I monitor my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts, but I do not have enough interest in a particular subject to arrange an RSS Feed or anything else of the like.

Though I dread the idea of using Yahoo Pipes again, I would be interested in setting up new email alerts/RSS Feed for topics surrounding my new job (kayak, paddling, stand up paddle boarding industry) as a large part of it regards prospecting for new clients. This would keep me up to date on the latest trends in the industry and would help me generate leads versus scoping out website manually. Because I am now able to utilize the information that I am gathering, I might find this exercise more useful rather than just accumulating emails in a feed for a course assignment. is most definitely my go-to source for learning new trends and gathering information. Though Im not a die hard Techy fan, I do like to know what is up and coming and thoroughly enjoy reading on all of the various topics featured on this site. That being said – I enjoy monitoring it by visiting the website – no fancy tools needed here 😉

Does anyone else relate to this? Am I the only one who doesn’t use monitoring tools, especially for pleasure?

2 thoughts on “COM0015 – Blog #1 – I don’t like to monitor!

  1. I agree with you. I did not really like using Yahoo pipes during the monitoring course. I found that a lot of information was missing which I could easily figure out by simply googling my topic in the news. I wish Google still had their old RSS feed.

  2. Thanks for your reply KC. I really had a hard time writing for this first post. I didn’t want to invent a story about how I love such and such a tool when the truth is, I don’t use them. It makes me feel like Im not fully grasping the whole purpose of social media, but truthfully, the Yahoo Pipes excercise frustrated me more than helping me see its usefullness. Again, perhaps it will be different when I can utilize the information that I gather but for now, I won’t be monitoring anything for pleasure.

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