Blog Assignment #1 (COM0011) Post #5: Unpinning Pinterest – An Introduction for Small Businesses Owners

ele1Does your business rely on driving a high volume of website traffic to increase sales? If your business isn’t already on Pinterest, sign up today!

What is it?

Pinterest is a user-curated social bookmarking site where people visually share their love of a brand by posting – or ‘pinning’ – interesting images and photos they’ve found with others.

Why Use Pinterest?

For a long time, questions about the direct revenue impact of social media campaigns went mostly unanswered. Like a giant elephant in the room, the topic was actively avoided. Instead, marketers focused on social media as an essential tool for meeting customer experience goals and building brand visibility. However today – more than ever – businesses are shifting focus towards activating social channels and converting followers to customers.

In comes Pinterest…

Converting social media followers to customers is easier with Pinterest. Everything you pin can click directly to your website so people can learn more about your products and actively engage with your brand. Pins can also be tracked through web analytics to measure their direct impact on sales for e-commerce sites.

Need more convincing?

Pinterest generates more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined!  

Pinterest users spend more money, more often, and on more items than any of the other top 5 social media sites.

69% of online consumers who visited Pinterest found an item they’ve purchased compared to only 40% of online consumers visiting Facebook.

In fact, a recent study analyzing data from 25,000 Shopify stores showed us that referral traffic from Pinterest was equal to traffic coming from Twitter. However, of the traffic generated from Pinterest, shoppers were 10% more likely to make a purchase compared to visitors from other social sites. But that’s not all! At $80, the average order was double that of customers coming from Facebook.

Did you know…

Women represent 80% of Pinterest users and 92% of Pins.

Pinterest is the 2nd fastest growing social platform & the leader in overall member growth.

Pinterest is expected to top 50 million active users in United States this year.

80% of pins are ‘re-pins’.

Pins are ‘evergreens’, that means a pin can drive traffic – and sales – back to your website long after they were originally posted.

It’s all about trust…

trustPinterest Promoted Pins

In 2014, Pinterest introduced ads to a number of businesses as they moved towards monetization. As Pinterest prepares for a worldwide roll-out, make sure your business is ready.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Assignment #1 (COM0011) Post #5: Unpinning Pinterest – An Introduction for Small Businesses Owners

  1. I just recently started using Pinterest and I was immediately ridiculed because of course everyone that you have on Facebook that is on Pinterest gets notified that you joined. All of my female friends were surprised, sending me texts like, “Oh my God, are you seriously using Pinterest?”. I guess that’s because as you said in your article, women represent 80% of Pinterest users and I was too macho or something?!! I have to also say that given men are supposed to be such visually dependent/influenced beings, I am surprised at those statistics.

    Anyways, I first started using Pinterest for recipes, workout hints, tips and routines but then discovered a whole world of products and companies. Of course this blew my mind because here was a product I could see, read about and get other peoples feedback on it.

  2. Hey there!
    Wow, what a weird reaction although in all honesty I’m not all that surprised. People can be so silly! It’s true that Pinterest is mostly made up of female users, but I think there will be strong growth and probably a lot of areas where male users might be dominating. Interesting to note, Pinterest plans on changing the sign up experience for male users by making sure they see more stereotypically male topics, products, etc. In 2014, Pinterest actually doubled it’s male user rate. It gets more interesting too! In 2012, a report called ‘Pinterest Users of America’ came out. According to the report, men and women used Pinterest in different ways. Apparently, the number one reason women pin clothing and fashion is to get ideas while the number one reason men pin clothing and fashion is that they are items they plan to buy. Makes sense. Now that Pinterest is becoming increasingly monetized, it will be interesting to see how things pan out in terms of male/female user ratios!

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