An Uncertain Future

In the last posts I have spoken about social media, their advantages and disadvantages, but social media is a huge tool that includes multiple choices. What is social Media? How can it affect ourselves? There are huge quantities of different definitions around the world, but there´s one thing that is clear: it´s a way to communicate in the Internet world, there are multiple tools to communicate like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… but, is social media just used by the users ? the answer of this question is easy. Completely not.

Apple the business created by Steve Jobs

Apple the business created by Steve Jobs

All kinds of technologies are in this world. One good example are Smartphones. With this type of phones the users can communicate. One of the most famous person that developed the meaning was Steve Jobs. He discovered with his ideas the big potential of the Social Media, his first try was the computer Mac but his witty brain continued to work and he developed the Ipod in 2001. No one could believe that  in one small machine we could listen to hundreds of songs. But the invention that has changed the communication world´s been the Iphone. With this mobile phone everyone can share their pictures with their friends. It was the moment one different social network was born. Also, the competence with Apple was enormous and multiple operative systems were born like Android.


But in our days, there are more tools apart from Smartphones and computers. Now, all the communication world is changing, new Televisions or Radios that are able to connect with the Internet and users share their feelings in normal situations.

The more incredible thing is how other brands no related with the communication world use Social Media Marketing. But, what is the real meaning of this concept? It is a way of Internet Marketing that uses social Networks as a marketing tool. The goal of  Social Media Marketing is to produce content that users will share with their social networks to help a company increase brand. A very god example of this is the car worlds. Brands like BMW or Mercedes Benz are experts to use Social Media Marketing.

How works social Media Marketing?

How works social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is not only used by big companies such as McDonals or Cocacola . It´s also used by smaller companies, so they  can make themselves grow .

To conclude, there are multiple choices and machines to develop social Media. Steve jobs was one entrepreneur that used the technology to create these types of gadgets. But now, in our days new concepts like Social Media Marketing were born in our society where everything changes very fast. For these reasons, we need to be prepared for the future. Because we are in the beginning of the Internet Era and everything will change really fast.

One thought on “An Uncertain Future

  1. I also see that Social Media Marketing is making our small company grow. It certainly has helped globally. Social Media is the future and you are correct, I like your statement that we are in the beginning of the Internet Era and everything will change really fast.

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