KitchenSmart: Should I Have Done This 20 Years Ago?

old-to-new-300x300I have to say after a few weeks using my Fridgesmart containers that they have been a lifesaver for our family and they do indeed keep produce crisp and fresh up to two weeks and more. Unbelievable but true. I have not thrown food out in the garbage in weeks. I no longer have to run to the superstore because my veggies are done and ready for the graveyard. I am saving not only money but time in this busy life of working and taking care of a family.

As promised, I mentioned in my last blog that I would tell you all about my project in reorganizing my pantry. Half the battle was won with the fresh produce department and now it was time to tackle the kitchen cupboards. My mission:  saving money, time, and finding a solution to remaining organized. I gave up a few years ago in trying to stay organized, however, I was finding bags of beans, spices, chocolate chips, baking goods all stacked one on top of the other in bins, baskets, and bags in my cupboards – no wonder I couldn’t find anything.  Does this sound like your home?  I don’t have time for a treasure hunt every time I need that special ingredient for a recipe. I knew had to do something and believe me I did try and failed in the past. Success is measured in how long it lasts. However, after seeing Tupperware’s various modular systems of containers that you could build from ten years ago well I was impressed. I had purchased rectangular containers and was able to build from that starting point – all a cost savings of course. Available are rectangular, oval, and round containers that are all modular and stackable containers.  Eureka!  Did I finally find the solution?


So left with no more cupboard space, I decided to take the leap of faith and look into the modular containers.  The Fridgesmart modular containers proved successful and they were saving me money.  Why not try the only manufacturer that seemed to be providing us with solutions for our kitchen with their modular and systematic approach in organizing cupboard space. The representative came to my home and measured my cupboard space, all for free, and recommended various modular containers that would take full advantage of my cupboard’s real estate.

I ordered the Modular Mates containers and they were delivered directly to my home.  Truthfully, I was afraid to start the project as my cupboards were a mess. It actually took me only four hours to reorganize them and it was fun as I felt I was finally winning the battle  I found two to three bags of the same spices in my cupboards which I organized neatly into my new spice containers. After cleaning up and using the modular containers I now have lots of free cupboard space. Unbelievable!  I ask myself why I didn’t do this 20 years ago?  Why? I never thought it would be worth it or make such a difference.  You would not believe the difference it actually makes. Recently, my daughter made chocolate truffles for St-Valentine’s Day and we did not  have to spend a dime as we had all of the ingredients for once.  What a joy it has been to finally feel that after all of these efforts, my kitchen is organized!

Here are some pictures of my cupboards organized and ready to go.  How I love the Modular Mates and how much they truly save space.

Modular Stackable Containers2

Modular Stackable Containers

4 thoughts on “KitchenSmart: Should I Have Done This 20 Years Ago?

  1. Hello Coco – Your picture are inspiring me to consider reorganizing my cupboards! I am very impressed by your photos! When I look at your photos it looks like the square are the most space conscious containers and that space is lost on the curve with the oval ones. I am just curious as to why you chose the oval ones instead of squares or rectangles?

  2. Thank you. It was quite a worthwhile endeavour. The square ones I had from 15 years ago -imagine that – and built from it with new ones. The ovals are smaller containers that I could stack two or three on top of the squares to maximize the height space of my cupboards. The smaller containers I use for my quinoa, coconut, oats, etc. The square ones are great for your regular staples that come in big packages like flour, sugar, icing sugar, etc. I also use the spice containers, which I find awesome, to preserve my nuts and seeds and they are stackable as well. You can see them in my pics. You can also identify your containers by using a Sharpie which once washed erases and can re-identify accordingly. I only posted two pics of my cupboards, you should the remainder of my cupboards. I now store all of my various packages of crackers, pastas, baking goods, teas, and granola bars in their respective containers. I can see through the containers easily and know what I need for my next week’s groceries. I am no longer buying doubles.

    Let me know if you decide to do the same – I’d be interested in finding out your experience. I did get someone to come in and do an assessment and it was all for free with no pressure to buy.


  3. Wow! Coco…. My cupboards could certainly benefit from your inspiration. I never considered organizing things using Tupperware, but it’s a great idea. I should start with my spices. Right now, they just sit in their respective packets crammed into this one container with no lid. It’s a mess… Haha.

  4. I know I am so busy – in retrospect I should have taken the before and after photos. I never thought of organizing my cupboards but I knew I had to. i was invited at a party and it seemed the best solution after so many fails in trying to organize without a systematic approach lol.

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