COM0011 Blog Post 2: Has it disappeared the culture with Internet?

Is Internet dangerous? This question is controversial… Internet is a tool that people can use in a good or in a bad way. The culture field is endanger with Internet. Why? Because it is possible to download all types os songs, films and books completely free. The field more endanger is the Music. There are a lot of apps to download ilegal things. But in the other hand, everybody can be famous if he will want and show to the people in what skills are they good.


A very good example of this is the Canadian singer Justin Bieber, after he appeared in youtube, nobody had knew him. A lot of people criticize him but. Why? Everyone maybe will answer this question in this way: “He has child behavior” and it´s true but maybe a lot of people really has envy of him because he is rich and showed in youtube that he sings in a good way.

Justin Bieber, the controversial Canadian Singer

Justin Bieber, the controversial Canadian Singer

Now, this type of phenomenon has increased. Boybands like One Direction is other example of this fact. They did not appear in a social media in their first time but their popularity has increased because they are young and they know how use the possibilities of the new media.

Twitter´s One Direction

Twitter´s One Direction

Another good example is the Spanish singer Xuso Jones, he uploaded one video  and this video was viral and for this reason, he was famous and he could record a CD.

In the other hand, there are a multiple choices and apps that  people can choose to listen music and watch films. And it´s your choice if you want pay or no for them.

How is Utorrent?

How is Utorrent?

A good legal example is Apple Store  or Spotify. They are platforms that you pay for your consumptions. An ilegal example is the app called utorrent.

Apple Store and Spotify

Apple Store and Spotify

How can we improve the good use of Internet in the culture field? Some Governments need to invest this field because if they don´t protect it, the music or cinema will disappear because people don´t pay for them.



2 thoughts on “COM0011 Blog Post 2: Has it disappeared the culture with Internet?

  1. Ahhh Miguel, this is definitely a challenging topic to cover in one post. You could spread it across several!! But you’re definitely right…the Internet has not been kind to artists, especially musicians. Hopefully they’ll find a way to bounce back and reclaim some control over download leaks and what not… ideally in a way where law enforcement isn’t involved.

    Great post!

    • Hi Rob, thanks for your comment. I agree with you, that it is impossible to cover this topic in only one post. But I tried because I did a postgraduate called “Cultural Journalism” and I’m very worry about this. I know that Internet is the new way to communicate. But maybe, in some occasions, Governments will need to control this situations. Don’t you believe that?

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