A Whole New You


I have always been one to jump on board new diet and fitness trends. These “lifestyle” changes are always interesting and decidedly short lived. But on a positive, I do have my key takeaways from all the lives I have lived. For example, my 6 weeks of vegan life brought to light that chickpeas and me could never be friends. We are fated to be frenemies.  I also discovered dairy makes me break out on another diet.  So when my sister started a cleanse called the Whole 30, I was intrigued.

The Whole 30 is a cleanse for, you guessed it, 30 days which focuses on resetting your body. You eat pure whole food, nothing which contains chemicals or ingredients you wouldn’t find in nature. it’s getting back to those foods that give us nourishment and sustenance.  The idea is to change your habits, your cravings, and rid yourself of inflammatory foods.  Its based on a New York Times bestselling book It Starts With Food written by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.

So basically I was committing to no grains, starches, legumes, sugar, dairy, gluten for 30 days.

Easy right? It was for the first week because I was excited and motivated.  I kept it light and easy in terms of food, sticking to mainly protein with a side of veggies. Week 2, my husband starting asking for “nacks”, also known as snacks to most of the English speaking population. Did I mention my hubby was joining me on the cleanse? This is where things got complicated because where I might be happy with a boiled egg and three pieces of asparagus, he wouldn’t be. So my google searches started to include “nacks for whole 30” and that’s where the fun began. By the end of week two I was the proud owner of my own nut bag, milking almonds for almond milk, made pizza crust with cauliflower (recipe here), and I even made cashew cheese, tastes better than it sounds (recipe here).  It was amazing to me how many people had embraced this lifestyle and the number of resources I had available to keep things interesting.  Once I got the hang of it, prepping food didnt take any longer than pre-Whole 30, and tasted just as good.

Pictured below: Almond Milk, Cauliflower Pizza Crust and Cashew Cream.  Recipes to follow!


If you want to try any of these recipes, whether you are on the Whole 30 or not, here they are:







I started losing weight, my co workers said I was glowing, I looked and felt younger. All this while eating chicken wings and sweet potato fries? It was freeing to not count calories, or pay attention to portions. I ate when I was hungry, felt full on smaller portions because I was being nourished with real food, not “fillers” and even felt happier.  Hubby was happy with his nacks and his results also!

As the cleanse came to an end, right around the 22nd of December, we decided to enjoy our holidays and indulge.  A few glasses of wine and a bowl of pasta led to a slice of cake which led to turkey with all the trimmings and another slice of cake.  Which led to bloating, cramping and even nausea.  I felt pretty crappy and it didnt take long to adjust my intake of food choices.

Fast forward 2 months later to present time.  Hubby and I are enjoying a life where we eat Whole 30, 70% of the time.  As I write this, I am planning to complete another 30 days.  Because I just felt so darn good.  Have you ever tried something new and found it made you feel amazing?  Or maybe the other way around?  Either way, I believe its fun to shake things up a bit in the kitchen. And if its good for you, well then, even better.

Here are a few websites I used frequently while on the cleanse including the official Whole 30 website so you can learn more about the cleanse:




4 thoughts on “A Whole New You

  1. I enjoyed reading your post and have my own issues with dairy and gluten so am always interested in what others are doing differently when it comes to diet changes and how they feel afterward. I loved the accompanying recipes especially the almond milk! Will hopefully give a try and let you know how it turned out. Thanks.

  2. Great post, Gul! You know, some of my most favourite foods are considered to be healthy foods. So I tend to ignore those who say “healthy food doesn’t taste good.” They’re just not trying hard enough. I’m so happy you’ve found this new lifestyle working for you. It’s very liberating to not have to restrict yourself to points, calories or portions and just eat what you want, but eat right! 🙂 Great for you.

    One word of advice though…Try to hyperlink your links next time. Makes for a cleaner post.

  3. Very interesting…I have friends who have tried (and some have succeeded at) the whole 30. I had a sense of what it entailed based on the laments I was reading on Facebook :), that said, it doesn’t sound quite so daunting as I had thought.
    I try to eat fairly clean but do enjoy treats here and there, but like you I suffer from ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’.
    Thanks for sharing the links. I look forward to taking a look.

  4. This sounds an awful lot like Paleo but there are so many diets, err “lifestyle trends” out there! I did the Paleo thing for a few months and shed weight like it was nothing, felt amazing and then much like you, the holidays came around and I cheated. I have never felt worse and all from eating foods I had grown accustomed to eating. My wife doesn’t believe in all those “diets” so it is difficult to do it alone and with a small child, I worry about depriving her. I am curious about your whole 30 and may just have to get that book. Thank you for the inspiration.

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