One Tweet Wonder-er

A few years ago, a friend suggested that I start using Twitter. @heloros appeared with a little egg for a profile photo until about a year ago when I put up one of myself and I took the big step last spring of issuing a tweet. That’s right, I am a one-tweet-wonder.

Facebook is more my thing and seems to meet my needs. I guess the real reason for my lack of interest in Twitter is as the result of not understanding enough about how it works and can be used.

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but a little want of knowledge is also a dangerous thing.” Samuel Butler

Fortunately, what I may lack in knowledge I make up for in curiosity and am interesting in getting a better understanding of different social media platforms. On February 15, 2015, necessity became the mother of invention and I found out how useful Twitter could be.

snow st. peter's roadAnother snowstorm started that day, which left Prince Edward Island with 86.8 cm before it was all over. The significant snowfall combined with sustained winds in excess of 150km/hr resulted in reduced visibility, power outages, cancellation of flights and the closure of the Confederation Bridge. This picture was taken during that storm on a main road just outside Charlottetown and gives a good sense of what things looked like during the storm.




In times like this access to information in real time can be very important and among the millions of Twitter users is @RCMPPEITraffic.

The members of the RCMP who operate this account provide practical information in real time and often mix in a little humor. They don’t tweet just about weather but I did appreciate these…

They also issue some general safety messages and some keep the humor theme…

After reviewing the ‘getting started’ content on Twitter’s support page it appears I am well on my way to moving past my novice status and am likely ready to make a second tweet soon! I have Discovered Sources, Checked Your (my) Timeline, and (I can) Take It With You (me). Now I need to work on the following areas: Build a Voice, Mention and Get Fancy.

There are LOTS of resources available for the Twitter-challenged. Here are links to a couple I read so far, from BishopBlog and the other from CNET Magazine, that you might find interesting too.

I hope these help and feel free to follow me @heloros.

4 thoughts on “One Tweet Wonder-er

  1. I absolutely beam when I see RCMP Twitter/Facebook pages! Definitely useful to get important information out, but I feel like their social media helps remind the public they are humans and have a sense of humour too! They take their jobs very seriously, as they should, but they are able to let loose when they aren’t out patrolling and protecting.

  2. Your link to your handle on Twitter wasn’t correct. You may wanna revisit that!

    To your blog: You picked a very interesting topic. More and more often we are seeing political figures AND law enforcement officials using Twitter in a more “approachable” way. In some cases, it’s humourous and even witty, like you said. In one instance, I recall, there was this person who had just committed some kind of petty crime and actually boasted about it on Twitter. Anyway, that local police department found the Tweet and sent the criminal a tweet that essentially “thanked him” for letting them know that it was him. Haha. It was ….pretty awesome haha.

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