First Time Blogger! Blog#1 COMM0011

So, what is blogging really all about? I don’t follow any blogs regularly although I have read some great things in the past few years, both informative and compelling or just funny. When I read that I had to write a blog every two weeks for the course, I had a mild panic attack. What can I possibly write about that people would find interesting. I’m what my accompanying article declares a “self-conscious writer”! Writing does not come naturally to me or perhaps I am just out of practice. I wish I explained things better and was as witty in words as I think I am in my head. I hope this blog will help me express some of my ideas and thoughts and carve out a little space to share and perhaps find some common ground with others. I did have a little brainstorming session with myself (on paper first) and hopefully have succeeded.  I’m not entirely sure at this point what direction my blog will take in future posts but I think it will lean toward small business interests. As a small business owner and an employee of a local boutique my blog will relate more to my current experience and how the two businesses can be shaped through social media.

In the past year I have taken on a new job where I am posting on a Facebook business page daily. Social media is a large part of my job and one that I didn’t know much about going in but I am intrigued by how it can benefit small business. Aside from some of Facebook’s more challenging rules and regulations, my posts have garnered some attention but there is always that question of how to get more people to know you exist. Of course, numbers are not simply enough, you want people who have an interest in your product or service to keep them coming back again and again and to give you that sought after status of “liked” and “following”. What is it that people want and what keeps people coming back to your page again and again? It is a question that my employer and I talk about almost daily and more often than not we end most conversations with an “I don’t know” kind of face. Hence, me taking this course to further my knowledge.

I recently started using Google+ both personally and at work but haven’t given it the same amount of time as Facebook. I’ve also had a Twitter account for a couple of years now but have never posted a Tweet! Same for Instagram. Blame my baby brain the past few years I guess. So, everything is in place, it’s just getting over the initial fear of sharing information but also sounding relevant. It all moves so fast but I would love to get a handle on how the different applications can work together.

What are your thoughts on good blog writing? Do you struggle with words and sharing information that is both interesting and informative?

One thought on “First Time Blogger! Blog#1 COMM0011

  1. For me personally, I feel like blog writing comes as a skill but also as a learned habit. When songwriters first started writing their music, did it come easy? Was it natural? In most cases, probably not but they knew they wanted to be rockstars and kept working at it! If you truly want to be a blogger or be good at social media, you’ll keep pushing, learning and growing 😉

    Personally, I feel that blogs are best when they’re entertaining, concise, interesting and to the point. I tend to gravitate towards blogs that peak my interest (for example, cooking ones) with lots of pictures.

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