Social Media – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

For a number of years my husband and I resisted the widespreadExclusion use of technology. We did not need the expense or constant communication of cell phones. We did not want our children sitting in front of video games for hours at a time. We did not want to expose our lives on Facebook. However, we began to realize that we were being “left in the dust” with events and with friends, our children were “out of the loop” in school, and we were rapidly becoming “old-time thinkers”. We realized that we needed to embrace technology before we were completely isolated by society.

For generations people have said, “society has changed”. Our forefathers have seen technology change communication from letters to phone calls, transportation from horse-drawn carriages to cars, materials from hand-made goods to factory-made products, meals from home-made to pre-made microwavable dinners. With each of these shifts in society and lifestyles it brings an improvement to the quality of life and something that suffers along the way. Within my lifetime I have seen the onset of the Internet and social media. I feel I can now join my forefathers’ voices and truly say “society has changed”. We are in a generation, where information is massively accessible and communication is global and almost instant. To be honest I struggle with it. Is it an improvement or a hinderance to communicating? Does it make life easier or more difficult? Do I enjoy using it or not?  This is the first of 3 blogs contemplating the good, the bad, and the ugly effects of social media in our society.


The Good:





Like no other time before family and friends can stay connected via the written word (email), photographs (snapchat), and audio and video (Skype & FaceTime). This has allowed families and friends to stay connected affordably, regularly, and in real-time, no matter the distance or continent. Relationships with family and friends have been kept alive and healthy from these forms of communication.



People can now meet new individuals through venues like dating websites (eHarmony), or specialized like-minded social groups in schools, help groups (Facebook).



Company’s websites (amazon) and social media sites (twitter) have been able to connect with customers. Two-way communication has brought changes about for both the consumer and businesses.  The consumer can purchase and have goods delivered from the comfort of their homes.  In turn, businesses can receive feedback from consumers allowing the opportunity for improved products/customer service and inevitably sales.

Mass communication is possible by individuals and companies to raise awareness or rally support in the general public. (ALS Ice Bucket Origin on YouTube)

 Communication is at its best ever…

world wide, instantly, and massively!

 Stay tuned for my next blogs on…“The Bad” and “The Ugly”

One thought on “Social Media – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

  1. Hi there,

    I am taking the intro course in social media for many of the reasons you outline — I was getting a sense that the information age was passing me by. I’m looking forward to this course providing the foundation for me to ramp up my progress in making better use of social media at home and for work purposes. I do share some of your concern about the overall benefit of social media. I have a sense that just because everyone can access the tools of social media it doesn’t necessarily follow that every post (blog, twitter, other) has value in the same way that traditional media do (e.g. journalistic credibility, authenticity and expertise). It continues to be fascinating experiment to see how social media will develop.

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