COM0015 – Assignment 5 – Event Participation: BLG Business Solutions

Title ScreenThe event I chose to attend was a free webinar called Social Media on the Go presented by Brandi Good of BLG Business Solutions.

I chose this event because the topic of mobile social media was not explored during the Social Media Certificate program offered at Algonquin College.

Previously, I have had some difficulty in managing social media accounts with my Blackberry and was interested to obtain tips and tricks for the future.

It was hosted using Google Hangouts and organized using Eventbrite.

Even though it was free, there was still a registration and confirmation process. Eventbrite confirmation

It was easy to access and started exactly on time.

The material was presented both in slide deck format with audio as well as streamed video of the host. I enjoyed the webinar and found great value in it.

This time, the only opportunity for interaction was with the facilitator directly, however, Brandi announced that the next webinar will have a true chat function available instead of the Q&A option.

BLG Business Solutions maintains a YouTube account with recordings of their free webinars which helps to augment the in-person workshops that the company offers.

The key take away quote for me was Brandi’s instruction to “create a Google alert even if you aren’t on social media”. This is a valuable tip that I would never have considered. Just because you aren’t listening, doesn’t mean that people aren’t talking, so even if social media is not part of your strategy, it’s still important to track what is being said about your organization and respond accordingly.

During the webcast, I asked two questions. One was concerning a post-broadcast copy of the webinar and the other inquired how to address negative information discovered on Google alerts when you have no social media accounts. Brandi provided a clear response to my question with specific examples of actions to take. I appreciated the fact that she took the time to un-share her screen so that her face was visible as she gave her answer. It felt much more like a conversation that way.


After the webinar, I left a positive review on the company Google+ account since Hangouts was the medium used for delivery.


It’s a bonus to be able to refer back to the webinar in the future and I find that this isn’t always a common practice with other presenters. It’s extremely helpful to be able to review the content that may have been missed the first time.

Taking it one step further, Brandi emailed the slides to attendees the same afternoon. This is an added value, in that the slides are only available to participants.

I found that it was refreshing that the company offers this informative service to small businesses at no charge, knowing that many entrepreneurs have limited budgets and little time to self-educate. In the short one-hour time frame, Brandi profiled many applications and concisely explained their features and benefits.

I will definitely tune in to her future broadcasts and look for similar opportunities on the web.

Make sure you take the time to check out BLG Business Solutions’ awesome webinars.

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