COM 0011 – Blog Post #1 – The “5 STEPS” to the Perfect Blog!

Five Steps

(Note that I have used a photo to illustrate my title.  I have discovered that all good Blogs often have related feature images.  Well.. I hope you are seeing a photo and that I pressed the right buttons!)

I have never written a Blog EVER and come to think of it, I don’t think I have EVER read a Blog before either.  So when I got this assignment I was panicked!  I went to the course mainpage and read the sample Blogs, which gave me a general idea, but I really wanted a formula and I needed to get this done quickly and efficiently.  I am piled high with work these days, as I am sure many of you are, and time is of essence!  At this point, I confess that I am an avid Facebook user, so, I thought that I would use my Facebook experience to make my Blog a bit more interesting!  So I promise to provide info on the “Steps”, but I will add a few Facebook techniques to keep the process less stressful.

Facebook has taught me that one of the best approaches to getting people interested in a topic is to use a number, like the one in my title.  By this I mean that my Facebook site is often littered with ads from the likes of The Huffington Post (the HuffPo for those in the know), which often claim that almost everything in life can be divided into STEPS or REASONS and then you just ad a number et voila – done like dinner!  I assume that many of you have seen these types of articles and clicked on them.  Am I right?

BREAK #1:  Facebook has also taught me that animal videos help us deal with stress, so I have added two short ones in my Blog discussion for good measure.  This is currently my favourite short cat video Jumping Cat Fail – I Believe I can Fly Version (Original) 50min:  Does anyone else like cat videos and find they release stress?  (Note the use of video.)


There are many sites out there that breakdown how to write a Blog into steps to assist you.   In my research, I found that The 5 Step Formula for a Perfect Blog, by Karri Stover, was really informative and helpful:   Of all the sites that claim to have the best “Steps to Blogging” that I read, I liked this one the most, because it was clear and compressed into only 5 steps.  I figured that for the sake of time and energy, I would not heavily recommend Jeremy Goldman’s article: The Write Stuff:  8 Steps to the Perfect Blog Post as, let’s get serious here folks, for some of us, 8 steps takes longer than 5.  Mr. Goldman does make some excellent points though, so if you do have time, it is worth the read.

BREAK #2:  I just want to pause here, in case your stress is mounting to share this short sloth video.  I am not sure why sloths are so popular on Facebook of late, but “Super Sloth” certainly really helped to keep in Zen mode while writing: https:// Has anyone else notice a plethora of sloths of late?  (Note 2nd amusing video insert.)

10 Steps

Finally, I found Jeff Bullas’s 10 Key Steps for Blogging Success for those of you who do have more time on your hands and are really nervous and you want to make sure you are going in depth on understanding how to write this thing, this is the best of the longer guides that I found.  Admittedly, even though I was pressed for time this was very helpful.

I did spend a fair amount of my allocated time looking at the different steps to Blogging.  I found myself disinterested in anything over 10 steps, as I figured that my audience are likely other busy people who, like me, just don’t have the time for more steps than 10!  12 Steps are a thing of the past!  It is ALL about the target audience; as they note in most of the “How To” step processes.

So I hope my research links help you if you are about to write your first Blog or even your second, or perhaps, at the very least, the animal videos will help to calm you in the process!   Feel free to share your favourite relaxing short animal videos and any of your recommended “How To” Blog thoughts and research sites below.

Happy Blogging!

5 thoughts on “COM 0011 – Blog Post #1 – The “5 STEPS” to the Perfect Blog!

  1. Haha! I was panicked too! I had never written a blog, but I had read other people’s blogs. I even attended an Ottawa Writer’s Festival where people read their blogs out loud. Reading or listening to someone else’s work is so different than having to sit, think and write up one yourself. Great first blog on writing a blog!!

  2. Oh my goodness, your post was hilarious! Thanks for that, I’m sure all of us new students appreciate the comic relief (I know I did!) I’m not much of a cat person but I have to ask… while hilarious, is the kitty okay? Love the sloth video.

    I think my favourite all-time internet celebrity animal is the honey badger. Have you seen The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger video? It’s my favourite viral animal video. You can watch it here:

    As for Facebook, have you seen any of your friends following the trend of posting cute animals as a way to push back against all of the negative imagery and posts that soak the positive energy from your news feeds? A friend of mine started that last week. She was starting to get anxiety from all of the horrific news and images bombarding her news feed and liked the idea of trying to replace the negative with pics of baby animals. I can’t say I blame her! 🙂

    • Thanks for the Honey Badger Video Tara. I had not seen that yet! Clearly there is a place for Drag Queen narration in “Untamed World” type TV, I believe we should all participate in the positive energy of anthropomorphism on Facebook!

  3. Great first blog. I had a good chuckle as I have been panicking the past week or so about what to write. I often get distracted by the “step” articles on Facebook and think about un-following some of them like HuffPo! I agree there is so much negative news out there and most of the articles I read have little to do with my life. Perhaps, it’s time to clean out the newsfeed. I’m also a cat lover!

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