COM0011 Blog Post 1 “The Spanish Social Media”

Tuenti is a Spanish Social Network. It was created in 2006. In Spain, it was more popular than Facebook between 2009 and 2012. Zaryn Dentzel, Félix Ruiz, Joaquín Ayuso and Kenny Bentley were its founders in 2006, but now, “Telefónica” is its main owner.

Tuenti, the Spanish social network

Tuenti, the Spanish social network

Tuenti is very similar to Facebook. This network has the same structure, it has the same parts and everybody can share their photos or speak with their friends online.

One profile in Facebook

One profile in Facebook

One profile in Tuneti

One profile in Tuenti

The main difference between Facebook and Tuenti is the age of their users. Facebook was created for pre-teenagers and teenagers (10-16 years). Everybody knows that the users of Facebook are normally older. Another difference of these two social networks is the number of users. Facebook is the world social network (It has approximately 1,19 million users around the world) and was translated into 70 different languages. On the other hand, the users of Tuenti are significantly less (approximately 1 million around the world). It has only ever been used in the Spanish-speaking world and was translated into 5 languages (Spanish, Galician, Catalan, English and French).

Nowadays, Tuenti is a profitable business in Spain, since it belongs to“Telefónica”, one of Spain´s most important companies and the country´s largest communications providers. Tuenti is also available as a mobile app through Tuenti Mobile and is still, after almost a decade, widely us;

Ranking of Social Networks

Ranking of Social Networks

In my opinion, one of the biggest advantages of Tuenti is it is simpler to use than Facebook, It is easier to understand. Facebook is more complex. Here is a video that demonstrates what Tuenti is

6 thoughts on “COM0011 Blog Post 1 “The Spanish Social Media”

  1. Hi there, Very interesting to note that Facebook is not the only game in town for this type of social media. I read your statistics about the various social media users in your chart. If I’m reading correctly, the chart shows more than one billion Facebook users (as opposed to the 1.19 million reference in the text). But as your blog highlights, though Facebook may be bigger, it may not necessarily be better.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I’d never heard of Tuenti before reading this post and less focus on outside advertising always tweaks my interest. Do you have a profile on Tuenti? Do you have a Facebook profile? If so, what are the biggest differences that you experience as a user? Also, do they have the same kind of page options for small businesses, community groups, etc? I’m keen to hear more from a personal perspective.

  3. Hi Tara, I had had both social Networks. But now, I have only Facebook, why? because the bigger difference between them is that the users of Facebook are older than Tuenti, Tuenti is only for teenagers.

    But Tuenti has the same options as Facebook. You can promote your own business like Facebook and you also have community groups. Tuenti is a lesser copy of Facebook. It´s only for pre-teens and teenagers of the Spanish community (South America and Spain)

  4. Hi Miguel,

    I haven’t heard of Tuenti until this post either. It’s interesting how similar Facebook and Tuenti look, yet I agree that Tuenti just seems a bit more intuitive. 🙂

    • Hi Robert, Tuenti is lees complex than Facebook, why? because this social network is normally used for teens, that is the main reason for this. The business that you can promote in Tuenti are brands that normally teens use it.

      One example of these type of business is Coke, I know that Coke is a big business but Coke is normally drink by teens and for this reason Cocacola (Coke in Spain) is promoted in Tuenti. A good american brand that does not exist in Spain is Forever 21 and this brand has all the possibilities of you can promote in this social Network.

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