COM0011 – Blog Post #6- What is a Live Tweet?

I am not a huge tv fan but If there is one show that I love to watch it’s Scandal. It keeps me on the edge of my seat and leaves me wanting more at the end of every episode. scandal promoThis past week I was watching Scandal and following live-tweets from their cast. What a great way to engage the audience and a huge checkmark for their marketing and promotion departments. I found myself tweeting answers to questions and live-tweeting to the cast about the show. I felt like I was watching it with a group of friends, but I was actually at home alone. So much fun!

A live-tweet, written “LT”, is the action of sending tweets (those short messages spread via Twitter) in order to comment on a live event. #Hashtag’s are almost always part of a live-tweet  (a keyword stweet-livetarting with the # symbol, as in #livetweet). Normally it’s started by the users or audience to follow the tweets. Searching a specific hashtag in Twitter allows you to find every tweet using that particular #hashtag. Twitter has a Trending Topic page listing most used hashtags at a particular time.

I am not a huge Football fan but I am always interested in the SuperBowl half time performance. Of course I jumped on Twitter last night to see what people were #live-tweeting about. There was definitely some funny tweets about Katy Perry.

Even Twitter has a page dedicated to Live Tweeting.

Here’s what they they are saying about it. “There’s a real advantage to live-tweeting. For example, our research into live-tweeting by @MLB teams found it resulted in follower growth 1.6x the average and 1.9x as many Retweets. As an added benefit, your followers will come to appreciate your voice on Twitter and the outlook you have on world events — whether grave or whimsical.”

Live-tweeting has become a become a priority for the television industry. In the big picture of social television, Twitter activity has become a way to measure the real-time impact of television shows. Shows even post official hashtags on screen at the beginning of each show to encourage live-tweeting. What a fun and exciting way to use social media to promote television shows as well as engage the audience.

Do you have a Twitter account? If so, have you ever heard of live-tweeting or ever live-tweeted? If not, do it! Its so much fun!

3 thoughts on “COM0011 – Blog Post #6- What is a Live Tweet?

  1. I have to admit, I’m not much into tweeting unless it’s to find out the very latest updates on natural catastrophes or major events.
    That being said, I have pulled up a live video feed with adjoining chat forum for the latest episode of Walking Dead when I was out in the countryside with no cable one lonely Monday night! It was slightly annoying to have to watch the show through someone else’ eyes but most definitely gave me the zombie fix I needed. While it obviously reinforces a sense of community between watchers, it was also remarkable how obsessive people have become (including myself!) The live tweeting and commenting definitely feeds into the cravings and obsession factors while being content to wait for re-runs has become a thing of the past! It’s also interesting to watch people re-create the shows in their minds according to what they think ‘should’ happen as opposed to what did happen. It will be interesting to see how television shows and screen writers respond to this kind of feedback.
    On a different note, I used a live news forum to keep abreast of poling developments and news recently for a municipal vote. It was the first time that we had online voting in our area and there seemed to be a lot of growing pains that night. Some of the complications included software malfunctions (or claims of…) on the actual voting platform but there were issues on the news site as well. New ‘reporters’ were brought in who had little journalism experience, and many of them didn’t have a mobile phone, blog, facebook, or twitter account. As a result, updates were slow coming and certain poling stations weren’t represented at all. In the end, the majority of comments on the live feed were from from the frustrated audience who had high hopes of being able to follow the election from the comforts of their own home. Most of the updates that I was able to reach were from personal connections on Facebook which I relayed into the forum. While a lot of people in the forums and within my community expressed frustration and reluctance to have online voting etc again, it will be interesting to see what happens during the next municipal elections.

  2. I used to really dislike Twitter and Instagram but I’m beginning to love them! I love hashtags and Twitter is such a quick and easy way to communicate. I have yet to try live-tweeting during a major event like the Superbowl but this post helped me realise I have another social media toy to play with! What a great way for companies to add to their viewing numbers.
    I have enjoyed all of your posts!! I hope they continue!

  3. I am really looking forward to following the Federal Election through Twitter too. Should be fun to watch the banter back and forth. Makes politics so much more interesting to be part of it real time. 🙂

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