Comm0012: The Tools for Writing a Social Media Strategy

After reading up on all the required lesson information, I see how setting up a strategy is like driving a car and determining the destination. There are many roads to take, signs to read and bumps that can be encountered along the way.

You can use the “POST model or the “SWOT” model to start the process of using social media to develop and market your business. The POST model stands for people, objectives, strategy and technology.The SWOT model stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and helps the business owner to look at their plan and look for ways to improve.

You first have to chose your networks. Will you chose Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, to name a few as examples. You have to look at your audience and chose which network will have the right demographics for  social media engagement. If you look at PEW Research you can find out valuable information on data for any of the social media platforms. If you are going to use images you can use a tool called “Canva” to help you set up photos etc to the correct sizes.

You also need to develop your profile and showcase you or your business, showing your accomplishments.

Choose keywords to use and use simple language. Ask yourself who are your potential followers? And who is in it for me? You need to be personable and revisit your networks regularly.

You need to look at how often to post your information, what will you post, and at what time will your customers be looking for these posts. You need to think of these three things, content, the perfect frequency and the right time.

Statistics show that pictures get more attention on Facebook and Twitter. You can analyze your engagement with your audience and the tool you have chosen. Most networks have a reporting tool for your use.  Or there is one by google for your use

Another idea is to set a benchmark so you can review your outreach and engagement. See what has worked and how many people are reading and retweeting or liking and sharing your information. If you need to implement new tactics this is how you will learn what is needed to make a change.

In summary, there are several tools and strategies for being successful at developing your social media strategy. The bottom line is you want to be successful and know your audience that you are speaking to through social media so you can engage and keep their interest.

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