Comm0012: Top of the Mountain Vineyard

The Top of the Mountain (TOM) Vineyard is a small agricultural project in Zone 4 growing grape varieties for this area. It will produce fantastic brand value wines with a distinct label to enhance the eastern Ontario wine region making it an ultimate experience for tourism. This will benefit the local economy and work in partnership with another local vineyard. Nestled just south of Ottawa and east of Kemptville it is an area of vast farmland and beautiful countryside.

Social media will be a tool to increase knowledge of the vineyard, neighboring vineyards and the wines produced from Eastern Ontario. A webpage to advertise the wines produced,  a map of the location, advertise events and blog about wine pairing, as well as, providing recipes to consumers will be the first tool to be implemented.

A Facebook page will be set up and provide daily insights about usage of wine in cooking etc., awards given in Ontario to other growers, information on grape varieties etc, event advertising and product information. Engaging local consumers, other Ontario grape growers and tourists to the area, will be the goal in mind for setting up a Facebook page.

Use of  Twitter will send out messages about the TOM Vineyard, as well, to keep consumers engaged of events and to share information about our products, our branding  and our usage of cooking with wine.

TOM Vineyard will further investigate Pinterest and Instagram to develop more presence on the web and engage consumers.

The success o the vineyard not only involves a social media strategy but also the variety of wines, the climate and the risks involved in agriculture.

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