COM0015 Blog Post 4 – Out of the Box

BubblyOutOfTheBoxMy interesting discovery is Bubbly – a refreshing alternative to the keystroke world.

The social voice network offers members the ability to upload short audio posts reporting on any topic that other users can listen to and respond with sound-clip comments.

This includes celebrities and sports stars.

It brings the words to life with true tone and emotion, making it much easier to receive the message that was intended by the speaker using sensory richness.

Greater contextual clues are transmitted through the use of voice or music and alleviate the stress for those who are camera shy.

There has been more than one occasion where tone, mood and emotion have been lost in my email and text communication which in turn undermines the meaning of the message. Have you experienced this?

Users can either upload a recording directly from their smartphone, or dial a short code from any other phones to post and listen to trending clips.

The maximum length is 90 seconds so it’s the mini-podcast equivalent to a Twitter post.

Photographs and 140 characters are optional add-ons along with the ability to apply voice filters, effects and background music.

Subscriptions are available with premium products and services billed to the users carrier account.

Posts can be shared to other social networks and the Bubbly website.

The website posts are available for anyone to hear and review without logging in.

This is definitely an ‘unexpected but fabulous’ social media application that I plan on using.

I believe this format in its simplicity adds a lot of value.

There’s a great opportunity for businesses to create a series of mini-blogs for easy listening to brand and differentiate themselves making use of the sharing feature to their other pages. Not in the format of a commercial, but rather in interest pieces.BubblyDiscover

It will bring the ‘personal’ feel back into the engagement.

Click the graphic at right to launch the website and experience Bubbly.

What do you think?

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