Where I see AT going in the future (My wish for AT) – COM0014 Post 6

The Future of Assistive Technology for me

There are 2 things I would love to see happen for Assistive Technologies and Technologists

  1. That universal design and accessibility are integrated into all elements of our society so that the need for what I do disappears – of course that would mean I need to find another line of work.
  2. Assistive Technologist shift role into Learning Technologist. Many of the most useful and most popular tools in Assistive Technology can help all learners – this would also solve the problem I am faced with if number 1 on my list comes to pass.

My role as an AT at Algonquin College is to help students find tools that overcome their functional limitations (problem they are having accomplishing their goals or accessing anything at Algonquin because of a disability).

Assistive Technology according to Wikipedia

My first wish

I call this my freedom 51 wish (I will be 51). Why 51. In Ontario according to AODA we are going to be accessible by 2025 (When I turn 51). Interestingly enough (to me anyway) 2024 is my early retirement date. Which would give me one year extra to either retrain for a new job or make some retirement plansJ. I am not sure that I can retire, I feel like I would be bored but maybe I can get some advice and inspiration from anyone reading this that is retired?

A bit about AODA and why it could mean a job change or retirement for me

AODA – How can I help – video

Learning Technology for All

A big component of Assistive Technology is technology that helps access and succeed in education. A lot of the tools I use and teach can be used by anyone for a lot of different reasons.

Tolls that help with

  • Note Taking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Time Management
  • Planning and Organization

Some of the reasons they help are because they can make some things*:

  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Give independence
  • Increase Access (AODA may help resolve a lot of issues in this area)

* The above benefits of AT only apply if the user has an equal or better experience or end result than the way they attempted things without AT.

Doesn’t every student want tools that help them succeed in the above areas?

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