COMM0014 – Post 7 – Personal Reflection

Each day, myriad individuals are using social media for the first time to brand themselves or the organizations they represent. And it’s often easy to distinguish between postings that were created with the assistance of planning, and the postings that were created hastily or without any underpinning strategy or long-term goal.

All the courses in this Social Media Program stress the importance of preparation prior to launching a social media presence. In order to create content that will best help to achieve your desired outcome, the work must be done up front. Understanding your customer in advance is the first step toward giving them exactly what they want.

Without rehashing all earlier lessons in the Program, listening to your audience is the jumping off point. Once you understand your audience, identifying best practices and tools will allow you to reach them in the most effective manner. Once you understand your audience and have established a plan to reach them, it’s critical that the content is meaningful and relevant. This course has emphasized that the best way to achieve that result is by determining a personal communication style that is compelling and engaging.

This is why storytelling is so important when trying to create great digital content. When your audience feels like they are listening to a story they automatically feel a stronger connection to you. The storytelling approach is less about telling and more about sharing. It’s more personal, which makes you appear more honest. And that goes a long way toward building trust, which is the perfect foundation from which to build a solid relationship with customers. The more that customers feel they know you, good and bad, the stronger the bond and loyalty. People want to engage with those they can trust, relate to and feel they know well.

As I continue to develop my brand through social media I want to ensure my content is shaped to sound like I’m telling a story. Whenever I live or remember an interesting event (from childhood to present day), I plan to record it in my notes for future use. No experience will be excluded to record – it’s impossible to know whether it could or could not be relevant later on when trying to create content for my audience. I’m hopeful that these notes will inspire me to create content that my audience will want to read.

I plan to be consistent with the type of story I tell. I want to clearly show a strong, competent professional, without being afraid to expose a soft, caring personality through self-deprecation and humour. That’s who I am, so it will require the least amount of effort while coming across as genuine. Striking the perfect balance will be key, but if executed properly it could make for compelling content that provides value and builds a strong, loyal following.

Does this style of storytelling interest you?

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