COM0011 – Blog Post #5 – Blue Monday

blue sad face

I find that I’m struggling to write another blog post.  When I struggled the last time I wrote about setting up a strategy – I still don’t have one!  My last blog I decided to add a personal touch to my writing and share my story – that helped me a bit in how I would prefer to write.  I lean a little more to the free form and a little less technical.  I have started to write 3 or 4 different blogs today, but get bored by my own topics and if I’m struggling with the writing than who’s going to want to read it?  So Google searching is what I’ve been doing trying very hard to find something that peaks my interest and might inspire me to write – it’s so easy to get lost in the internet as you go from one page to the next (hours have passes).


Did you know that it’s Blue Monday today?  This is the first time that I’ve heard of it.  Blue Monday is a name given to the Monday of the last full week of January, purported to be the most depressing day of the year according to Wikipedia.  You can read more about Blue Monday here.

Blue Monday equation

Maybe that is my problem today – I’m unfocused, feeling blah and wishing it was April.  I would normally just call this the Winter Blues as we’re about half way through.  We normally go on holidays in February or March but this year it’s not till April so with 75 days to go till we leave ( I downloaded an app to countdown my trip) I have nothing to look forward to soon.  Christmas bills are coming in, my EI is running out in February, school is coming to an end soon, the list can go on….

You can find news reports on Blue Monday: CTV News and The Guardian.  There is no real science behind it, it was just an ad campaign by Sky Travel in 2005 to increase their winter sales!  It has hung in there and is still referred to today.  I tried to find the original campaign but was unsuccessful.

Do you find that you have the winter blues around now?  What is your plan of action to shake them?  I might try this drink 🙂

Blue Monday Cocktail

8 thoughts on “COM0011 – Blog Post #5 – Blue Monday

  1. I had never heard of Blue Monday but it totally makes sense . I do know that February is suppose to be the most depressing Month of the year though. My trick is usually to go down south for a week or so but if that’s not in the cards I think it’s really important to force yourself to get outside. It can be difficult to go out when its so cold but we need as much vitamin D as possible during these winter months. My favourite excursions are taking time out to see as much of Winterlude as possible in February as well taking nature walks with my family at Jack PineTrail. Might have to try out that drink too 🙂

    • Thanks for the comments. Vacations are a great way to brighten any winter season! Ours is just later than normal. We’ve started the count down using a free app and we have included the other couple we are going on – a little fun added! Getting outside is a good way. Winterlude is coming soon and I haven’t gone to Winterlude activities in a long time so it just might be in order – a little hot chocolate and a beaver tail too 🙂

  2. I have the same Problem you have when writing a blog.
    I found that it was easier if I found something I know about for example since i was homeschooled i was able to do one on homeschooling or I was able to do one on Dyslexia since I am dyslexic or my latest #farm365 was just something i have being following on twitter.

    • thanks for the comments. Writing doesn’t come naturally to me, so I think that is also part of my problem. I’m a work in progress 🙂

  3. I, too, only learned of “Blue Monday” yesterday on Facebook. I find as I get older the “winter blues” are getting worse and worse! But, instead of fighting the inevitable, I embrace it -get outside and enjoy the beautiful season: ski, skate, walk, etc. You’ll soon find that you’ll love the crisp, fresh air and all that it encompasses. Enjoy!

    • Thanks for the comments – trying to embrace the winter, but I believe that I really should live down south in the warm climates! Maybe one day I’ll retire to the warmer climates for the winter 🙂

  4. I heard of Blue Monday this year for the first time! I think we can collectively thank social media for hearing about it because it seemed to be THE topic of conversation this week. It’s all anyone would talk about! Something must have gone viral:)!
    I don’t get the winter blues but they are real. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can be really serious and harmful and many people seek professional help for it. There are also supplements you can take to help make it easier.
    We head down south in two weeks and I have been doing a countdown by sneaking little notes into my son’s lunchbox everyday! I write about the crazy fun excursions we are going to go on and it keeps me pumped and unfazed by this chilly weather! I will have to add the app you mentioned!
    I love your honesty btw. It’s really refreshing:).

    • Thanks for your feedback! Writing is not a natural thing for me, I guess being honest when I write is helping to get a message out!

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