#farm365 (COM0011 – Blog Post #5)


Thank you to Chrissie Laymon for the use of her photo. You can follow Chrissie on Twitter @the_farm_life.


Have you ever wondered what happens on a farm? What does a farmer do in his everyday routine? Well then meet Andrew Campbell a dairy farmer and Founder of Fresh Air Media from southwestern Ontario.

Fresh A1297651469586_ORIGINALir Media is dedicated to educating and informing the agriculture and food sectors about upcoming communication and marketing tools, as well as new trends in technology.
Like many people Andrew made a new years resolution, his resolution is that he would post a pictures of his daily life on the farm every day on his twitter account using the hashtag #farm365 with the goal of helping consumers make the connection from farm to plate.

To follow along you can follow Andrew on Twitter @FreshAirFarmer or the hashtag #farm365



Like Andrew many farmers are using social media to educate the public on the daily happenings on the farm and to show the public where their food comes from.

The Peterson Family in front of their family farm!

Greg, Nathan, and Kendal Peterson better known as the Peterson Farm Bros. on YouTube are known for their agriculture-focused video parodies of popular hit songs. Other videos the brothers have made are informational videos, entertainment videos and their “Life of a Farmer” documentaries.  the Life of a Farmer series is split in to 12 videos one for each month of the year, and is about what life on the farm is like. As well as their videos the brothers opened their farm last year on select Saturdays in the summer for a farm tour. For more info on tour dates for this year click here.

 Although Andrew started the #farm365 hashtag many other farmers and agricultural advocates including myself have joined in, But since you can not own a hashtag it has allowed for animal rights activists to hijacked the #farm365 hashtag and use it to spreed their own message.

One thing I hear all the time from animal rights activists is that farmers abuse their animals. Yes there are some cases of animal abuse, but a lot of the time what looks like a farmer being mean is for the better of the animal. I know a lot of farmers that care a lot about there animals.

One of my favorite blog posts on this subject is by dairycarrie in her post titled Sometimes we are mean to our cows Carrie talks about a down cow and what has to be done to get the cow up.  http://dairycarrie.com/2013/12/09/cowabuse/


What do you think of the #farm365 hashtag? Is using social media to open the barn door a good Idea?


8 thoughts on “#farm365 (COM0011 – Blog Post #5)

  1. Well I just learned a lot! I especially enjoyed the link to Carrie’s blog. What an eye opener!
    I do think opening the “barn” door to social media is a great idea, That being said, I am not a farmer but as a consumer, I appreciate it. I hope you post more blogs on this subject because it is necessary in this SM world to have access to both sides of the story. Thank you also for connecting us with other blogs and videos on this subject. I will try my best to follow what I can as what goes in my families mouth is very important to me.

  2. Hi
    This was a very smart move. A relatively new movement is “The 100 mile, (Kilometer) diet” The focus is to only consume foods that are produced within a 100 mile radius of your home. The purpose of this is to help mitigate climate change by not purchasing food that has to be shipped long distances. You are making the whole “Buy local” seem more appealing and less intimating by using social media. From a return on Investment point of view this is genius. Apart from the time that you have to spend creating the content the medium is inexpensive yet has a massive reach. this allows you to increase your revenues without seriously increasing your costs. The whole issue of explaining your side of the story regarding the issue of perceived animal abuse is also important

    thank you for this


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