Networking – not just who you know but who knows you?

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Regardless of where you are in your career development it is important to take notice of the power of networking. Nowadays, social media has enabled networking to broaden its usefulness to provide benefits from your peers, critics, experts and not limited during job searches or face to face events. Through networking you can learn new ideas, skills, be updated on concepts you already know, all of these can help you propel in your professional career.

When it comes to enhancing my professional development, my plan is to join a related group in my community where I can attend face to face events and for my online networking, I plan to utilize Linkedin to expand my linkedin groups and be more active in the ones that focus in my specialized area of my profession.

I am a professional working as an administrator and consultant for a software solution in Customer Relationship Management, I found a community of power users, administrators, consultants and developers that get together locally to share ideas, best practices, successes and collaborate on working with

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My strategy to develop my in-person networking is to join the local Toronto group. They meet up regularly, most times monthly at different upscale venues. I think networking in this group will be invaluable and give me a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals that can help in my professional development. I plan to engage in conversations with as many members as possible during the meet-up that will help to turn me into a Salesforce guru very quickly.
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My online networking needs some improvement. I will use Linkedin as my main avenue to develop my online professional networking. I am already member of a few groups but I plan to be smart about what new groups I can join that is well-managed and relevant to my specialized field. I’m interested in technology industry so I will search for software technology since my career is in I think that being a member in about ten groups would be manageable as I want to optimize my experience participating in each group. My goal in these groups would be to build my influence to become an expert in the field. I think I can accomplish this by engaging in discussions and contribute insights that others can benefit from. I believe that Linkedin groups can provide opportunities for me to position myself as a thought leader and an influencer which will increase the number my peers that will boost my online networking.


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