Dove, B2C social success – missed opp – COM0014 post 4

I was not sure how to get started on this post.

Find a B2C that is using Social Media to reach it’s audience.

My wife is a savvy shopper and and one of those Crazy Couponers so I thought she would have some ideas?

I asked her if she had seen or noticed anything that caught her eye from a company trying to reach its customers?

She said “Dove”. No pause. Wow!

Okay, good enough for me. What is it that got my Wife’s attention?


I went to their Facebook page to find out.



There was the bold headline

Shouldn’t every age feel beautiful?

and almost 24 million likes!


My wife told me about Doves Sketches on youTube.

Doves Real Beauty Sketches

I was definitely impacted by this video and I was not even the target audience. I can’t remember the last time an ad made me stop, think, feel emotional?

Did you feel the impact, hear the message?


I wish I could get a sketch artist and some people together and do this for my wife, myself, everyone I know.

So what was different?

The message, not really, I think I have seen this idea before.

The delivery, yes, not a 30 second ad, not a pretty graphic, mini documentary of sorts about how women see themselves as compared to others.

The real difference

Dove is not explicitly pushing its products, they are not saying buy this soap, or that creme or lotion. yeah they branded their stuff but I do not feel like they are trying to sell me anything (which they are not directly – I don’t feel like their target demo).


Yeah but

Great delivery, great angle, great message, however…

I did notice that the focus is on women. This is a good thing but when I look in my bathroom I notice at least 2 Dove products for men. I did not buy them but I am sure their influence and my wife’s opinion of the company is why they are sitting on the edge of my tub. But, I might have bought them? More likely to now, but if I had been targeted I may have had them sooner and may have purchased more Dove products, for me, my little guy and of course my wife.

Dove stuff I own

Nice big manly blue Dove bottles

  1. 1 of all in 1 Shampoo
  2. Exfoliating body wash (the gritty stuff – I am not really educated on beauty product).

So what about Men Dove? What about me?

One thought on “Dove, B2C social success – missed opp – COM0014 post 4

  1. Dove has done a stand-up job of promoting “anyone can be beautiful, at any age” – the stereotypical (photoshoped) model is not going to win this battle. I love that they treat women, all ages, sized, culture, etc. with the same respect. There are many, many beautiful women in the world who don’t need to be “touched up” to look great. I don’t use Dove products personally, but I do think that their campaigns are fantastic and impactful. In terms of what will Dove do for their male product-line, I’m sure it’s in the works!

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